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Recycling Mistakes You Might Be Making

How much of your household trash are you successfully recycling? Fifty percent? Seventy-five percent? What if I told you that the average household in this country recycles less than one-quarter — just 22% — of their household trash? And that we don’t recycle over 90% of all our plastic? Those are astonishing statistics, of course, […]

DIY Wax Wraps, A Replacement for Plastic Wrap

beeswax wraps

A cool new plastic replacement item has hit the market: Wax Wraps. Wax Wraps are a great replacement for plastic wrap (a.k.a. saran wrap, cling wrap, etc). These sustainable products can be made from cotton cloth with either bee’s wax, vegan plant-based candelilla wax, or non-GMO Soy wax. The best part? They can be used over and over. You […]

‘Tis The Season To Go Plastic-Free

With so much to do during the holiday season, all of that pesky plastic can easily slip right by us. From gift wrap and packaging to decorations to party supplies, we can easily get lost in piles of unnecessary plastic. However, when we shift our mindset a bit, we can find more eco-friendly options to […]

12 Easy Ways To Store Food Without Using Plastic

Many of us grew up with Tupperware containers (our moms loved those Tupperware parties!) and never thought twice about storing our leftovers in plastic. But now we have several reasons to look for alternatives to plastic wrap and plastic storage containers. For starters, we know that plastic is damaging our environment, especially our oceans, soil, […]

Coffee Pollution: Plastic Waste & What We Can Do About It

We’re happy to host this guest post by Kathy Gallo. Kathy is a dedicated coffee lover and ardent environmentalist. She enjoys nothing more than spending her time in a café with a cup of her favorite drink, which she tries to enjoy without creating coffee pollution. She runs a coffee blog, Daily Cupo, to share her […]