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Minimum Orders are 3 bottles per SKU filling at least one case to minimize shipping costs.
Shipping case sizes are 12 or 24 16oz bottles.

Please include the pumps you need in your order. We recommend selling bottles with pumps first,
then selling refill bottles and encouraging customers to reuse their pumps.

The 16oz size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, and body lotion bottles fit the large pump. 
The 16 oz hand sanitizer bottle fits the large spray pump.
The 2.5oz face wash, face moisturizer and beauty oil  fit the small pump.
The 2.5 oz face toner, hand sanitizer and hair repair fit the small spray pump.
The travel shampoo, conditioner and body wash all pour out easily and do not require pumps for use. 
The travel body lotion comes with a small lotion pump automatically. 

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