• STEP 1: Order one of our awesome products. It will arrive at your door in a refillable bottle. Replace lid with pump. Rejoice! You can recycle the shipping box and the extra lid.
      • STEP 2: When you are getting low order a refill bottle. Or subscribe and we’ll send a bottle in a timeframe that works for you.
      • STEP 3: When your current bottle is empty rinse it out and switch the pump to the refill bottle.
      • STEP 4: Put the refill’s lid on your empty bottle and place it in the refill box. If you have more than one bottle, make sure the box is full before sending it back. Stick the enclosed return label over the existing shipping label (make sure it’s completely covered), and set it out for your postal carrier to pick up just like any other letter. Best part: we cover the cost of shipping to send it back!

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We hope you’ll join the packaging revolution! Together we can help eliminate single use plastics.