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2019 Plaine Products Reflection: How Far We’ve Come

The Plaine Products’ mission is eliminating single-use plastics. Seeing plastic in the ocean, on the beach, and littering the environment was the push we needed to start paying attention to the issue. Once you start looking around you realize plastic lasts forever. And it’s piling higher and higher every day.  As we’ve learned more about plastic we have realized how much it’s intertwined in another crisis we’re facing: global climate change. Plastic is made from oil, a fossil fuel and contributor to greenhouse gases. The less we use of it, the better. Our steps towards less fossil fuels, less waste, fewer toxins and consuming fewer resources are important. Thank you for taking those steps with us.

As we start 2020 with renewed enthusiasm for creating change in the world, it’s also important to look back at what we’ve achieved in 2019.

Replacing Plastic with Reusable Aluminum Bottles

Each plastic bottle we remove from the waste stream eliminates the carbon to create them and the carbon they contribute from landfills. It’s a double win. And, since aluminum can be recycled without any quality loss, our bottles never need to go to a landfill. They can just keep being used, then recycled, and then used some more. The beauty of a circular model of personal care.
2017: We replaced 11,650 plastic bottles.
2018: We replaced 38,917 plastic bottles.
2019: We replace 69,445 plastic bottles.

Grand total (so far): 120,012 

Creating a Team

As we grew this year we were able to start to build out our team. This amazing team works hard to bring our vision of a sustainable, caring company to life. Our values around the importance of education and awareness, quality customer service and quick turn around times are only possible through their efforts.

Made in the USAMade in the USA

In 2019 we were finally big enough to be able to buy our aluminum bottles from a US supplier. This means an increase in quality of the bottles, which means we can use the bottles for longer, which is great. It also means less transportation for the bottles! Which means less greenhouse gases, which is great. We can now proudly say we are 100% Made in the USA since our products are manufactured in the USA as well!

Plaine Products Partnerships

We are proudly supporting nonprofits that are aligned with our mission. We do this through our Plaine Promoters program and donations to organizations that are members of 1% for the Planet. Since our inception, we’ve donated more than $20,000 to our nonprofit partners.

This year we had a special opportunity to be a part of Exxpedition. Exxpedition is an all-female 2-year around the world plastic expedition on a sailboat through the world’s oceans. The route includes 4 of the 5 plastic ocean gyres and numerous plastic hot spots. Along the way, the volunteer crew is conducting research and raising awareness about plastic pollution.

Exxpedition has three main goals. Solution-based science, changing perceptions about the realities of plastic pollution (microplastic is a much more serious issue that we thought), and creating a community of changemakers. (More on this to come in upcoming blog posts!)

Plaine Products Out in the World

We participated in two industry opportunities to further amplify our message. Plaine Products was accepted into the 2019 Telluride Venture Accelerator’s Plastic Alternative Bootcamp. The camp helped us create a stronger business foundation and make plans for growth. At the same time, we were working with, and learning from, other plastic alternative companies. Applications are open for 2020 now!  

Lindsey was invited to speak at the 4th American Packaged Conference in Boston about Plaine Products and our unique system. It was a great opportunity to get in front of a lot of companies that are still using plastic in their packaging.  We also met with Loop, another company with a circular model. Talks began that might lead to a partnership with them in 2020!

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2019 was a big year for us. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we can’t do it without you. And together, 2020 is only going to be bigger and better!! Tune in next week to learn more about the goals we have set for 2020…


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