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Home Hair Care Tips during Social Distancing

With most of us stuck at home for the foreseeable future, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your hair maintained and healthy without professional care. We turned to our resident hairstylist and Plaine Products Salon Sales lead, Krysia, for her tips and professional recommendations: It would be nice if we could […]

Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthier Hair this Winter

The winter months can be hard on hair. Cold, harsh weather and indoor dry air can dry out the hair significantly, leading to brittle hair and even breakage. The effect of dry, cold winter air can lead to dryness, static, frizz, and general dullness of the hair. So, we asked our very own hair expert and head of our Salon Sales, […]

2019 Plaine Products Reflection: How Far We’ve Come

The Plaine Products’ mission is eliminating single-use plastics. Seeing plastic in the ocean, on the beach, and littering the environment was the push we needed to start paying attention to the issue. Once you start looking around you realize plastic lasts forever. And it’s piling higher and higher every day.  As we’ve learned more about […]