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We’re Saying Goodbye to Hand Sanitizer

Thank you for loving our Hand Sanitizer! We added Hand Sanitizer during the height of the pandemic and want to start off by thanking you for trusting us to keep you safe.

As Plaine Products continues to grow, we’re learning more about the space we’re in and how to best use our resources. For transparency, Hand Sanitizer sales have been steadily dropping since the end of 2021. In order to make space and create funds for additional products—like our Styling Gel, Deep Conditioner, and a larger-sized Hair Repair (coming soon!)—we’ve had to make the difficult decision to discontinue our Hand Sanitizer. While it pains us to write this, we know it’s the best choice for the direction of Plaine Products and our core mission: providing your favorite personal care products in refillable, reusable packaging. 

Once our inventory is gone, we’ll be removing Hand Sanitizer from our website. We currently have travel sizes still available here

And don’t forget, per the CDC’s recommendations, washing your hands with soap and water often is your best bet for staying safe and germ-free. And our hand wash isn’t going anywhere!


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