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DIY Wax Wraps, A Replacement for Plastic Wrap

beeswax wraps

A cool new plastic replacement item has hit the market: Wax Wraps. Wax Wraps are a great replacement for plastic wrap (a.k.a. saran wrap, cling wrap, etc). These sustainable products can be made from cotton cloth with either bee’s wax, vegan plant-based candelilla wax, or non-GMO Soy wax. The best part? They can be used over and over. You […]

DIY Makeup Remover Using Plaine Products Face Wash

One of the most vital parts of our daily beauty routine is removing makeup at the end of the day. If we don’t remove foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara before going to bed, the residue can cause extensive damage to our skin throughout the night. It can clog our pores, leading to acne […]

Zero Waste Hair Care Routine

Plaine Products - sustainable shampoo

We are happy to host this guest post by Ariana Palmieri. Ariana is a zero waste blogger dedicated to sustainable living, all-natural products, and improving the environment in Staten Island, New York. You can check out her blog at or her Instagram at @greenifyme Before I went zero waste, I’d go through one shampoo and […]

Zero Waste Hair Care: Deep Conditioning Treatment & Rinse For Dry/Damaged Hair

Plaine Products is happy to host a guest blog by Zerowastezen on her zero waste hair care routine. It includes recipes for her deep conditioning treatment and a rinse for dry/damaged hair. Enjoy! I used to think that dry and damaged hair was a right of passage. Decades of coloring and heat styling left my fine, […]

Zero Waste DIY Exfoliant Recipes

DIY Exfoliant Recipes

As Plaine Products considers expanding our product line, we’ve so appreciated your feedback and thoughts! As some of you have pointed out, there are some products that are easier to make at home, while others are a little more challenging. We’re happy to share two recipes that are on the easier side of the scale. […]