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Galentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Plastic Free

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other or gathering with a group of friends for Galentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered with some great plastic-free and sustainable ideas whether you are gathering together or celebrating from afar! 


Galentine’s Day table decorations


We know all the themed heart-shaped balloons can be hard to pass up but making your own decorations out of paper or scrap fabric saves you money and you can reuse them every year! Try making a heart banner out of pink, red, and white cardstock or using fabric to make a pompom banner. If you are hosting a party try finding cute items at the thrift store for your table like pink glasses, white plates, red napkins, and heart-shaped bowls instead of using disposable items. Or upcycle a plain table runner or old sheet to create something fun and festive! 


Galentine’s DayGifts 

Instead of gifting the typical candy and flowers that will inevitably get thrown away, opt for a long-lasting gift like a potted plant, a subscription that you can share, or a handwritten card. You can also pass on the physical gifts and focus on simply spending time with the people you love!  Make a meal together, finish a project around the house, bake some treats to gift to others, or plan a fun day trip to reconnect.


If you like to send out cards to loved ones or have a child who exchanges cards in school consider purchasing plantable cards. Plantables and Paper sells lots of options that are great for kids on their Etsy shop! 


Galentine’s Day

Self Love 

Regardless of how you are spending Valentine’s Day this year don’t forget to show yourself some love too! Take time to relax by bringing the spa right to your bathroom with our Day At The Spa bundle, put on a face mask, and unwind with your favorite book, show or podcast. 

Here’s an easy DIY face mask that you can make for yourself on a night in or for your friends at a Galentine’s Party:

½ avocado

½ very ripe banana

1 Tbsp. olive oil

Just mix all three ingredients together and apply to a clean, dry face for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off. Follow with a moisturizer or a beauty oil for extra hydration! 


Regardless of how you spend the day or who you spend it with, remember that it is simply about spreading love, no need to overcomplicate it! 


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