When I first made the decision to eliminate plastic containers and bags from my life and “go zero waste,” some switches were easy peasy. Some had me in a panic.⠀
👩My attachment to my favorite hair products (sold in plastic bottles) had me wondering if I would just have to make an exception when it came to styling my locks. But with a little time, a lot of research, and an irrational determination to see things through to the end, I made some new discoveries — including a new favorite!
Colleen / @joyfulvegan

Circling back to let you know that the conditioner works great for me. I’ve been using it as a leave in, and it’s hydrating without being greasy or heavy. I’ve already recommended it to my sister! I have yet to try the shampoo, but it seems like it won’t strip hair from over-sudsing, so looking forward to it. I have “interracial hair” of the sort that is thickish, dryish, and gets washed about 1/week


Erin / Austin, TX

When I thought that I had run out of the body wash, which my daughter loves for bath time, I had a little moment of panic. Don’t worry we still have some left, phew! This company is trying something amazing with their refill program and I’m so happy to support them. Such a cool concept and one that I hope catches on everywhere! Plus the product inside is great. If you’re looking for high-quality products in incredible zero waste packaging, definitely check them out.


Meredith / Vermont

The beauty oil is excellent beard oil! I love it! It doesn’t feel greasy and it absorbs quickly. I used it on my face, beard, neck, eyebrows after the shower, when my face was relatively dry and beard was damp but almost dry. This way the oil replaces any excess water. Grape seed oil and jojoba are awesome and aren’t oily. 


Ari, / NY, New York

This Colorado Curly Girl LOVES her new conditioner! Literally the first time in my adult life where my curls look good AND my hair is soft. Usually those traits are inversely proportional to each other. To top it off – it smells delicious too!!

The amazing thing is that my curly hair is DRY; in Colorado it’s really DRY; and when I got gray, it became REALLY dry. Your product is nothing short of miraculous. You can actually run fingers through my hair. Seriously – that has not happened in 51 years! …oh did I mention all this without toxins…OR plastic bottles?!?! …but you already know that!


Kara / Boulder, CO

LOVED the conditioner! It was great! It had great slip I could easily detangle my hair! The only downside is that I had to use a lot of it to get the desired slip. But my hair was super soft and very well conditioned. I really liked the conditioner. If I had used a styling product, I know I would’ve had even better results.


Donnita, / Laurel, MD

I waited until I was out of my existing shampoos and conditioners to purchase and try it. I’m so glad I did. My hair feels so soft and light. I don’t even use a brush or a comb most days because it is that good on my hair. My hair feels so nice that I actually leave it down most times and its summer in New Jersey so that says a lot.


Cat / @thedosomethingproject

Finally a company doing it right!!!! I was so happy to come across Plaine Products in my search for not only a sustainable alternative to store bought shampoo/conditioner, but one that actually gets the job done right. Don’t get me wrong I think companies that make shampoo bars are great for creating less waste, but I feel like they don’t give my hair the care it needs to look my best, especially when looks are a big part of my job (I’m a model/actor).  Well I must say Plaine Products has found the winning formula by not only creating products that save the planet, but ones that make your hair feel luxurious as well!  Double win!  

Philip / @the_veganmodel

Thank you. Today my daughter Mimzy turns one. Because of your products, in her lifetime we have never sent a shampoo or conditioner bottle to the landfill. Because of your products, the life that she is living is beneficial to the environment and the world. Because of your products, I have hope for her future and this next generation of youngsters. Thank you for helping create a positive world where the environment is respected. Thank you for helping create a more beautiful world for my daughter. I appreciate you and everything that you do.


Mercedes / Great Falls, MT

I’m REALLY loving my Plaine Products! My daughter has SUPER long curly hair. I’ve always tried using natural products on her, but none of them (especially not the conditioners) worked to get the knots out of her curls. So then I’d have to use a detangler (couldn’t find a natural one) which defeats the purpose of using natural! I don’t know what it is in that conditioner but it works SO well on her hair. Just wanted to thank you for making bath/bedtime a time I actually look forward to instead of lots of tears!:)

Amy / Cincinnati, OH

I really love this shampoo. My hair has never looked better. I get compliments on it all of the time, which never used to happen.

LJ / Wilmington, NC

The conditioner smells great and has made my hair happy. I think my hair is looking better than normal with less fly aways. Someone even asked if I’d gotten my hair done. Hubby is probably most excited for the change. He’s far more happy with rosemary vanilla mint scent.

Katy / SkipTheBag.com

Thank you for providing us plastic-averse zero wasters with an amazing alternative to conventional hair care! I was prepared to settle for sub-amazing hair, having tried baking soda, bar soap, and other products with waste free packaging. Within a few weeks of using Plaine Products, = my hair feels so clean, hydrated, and healthy. PLUS, the packaging program is a total win. I’m an instant fan! THANK YOU!!

Sumedha / Arkansas

Plaine Products is a fabulous example of a company uniting multiple environmental and ethical goals in a single product. It’s rare to find a green ingredient list, refillable product, and non-plastic packaging all in one.

Katherine / Treehugger.com

The last time I got my hair cut / colored my stylist kept complimenting the health of my hair and scalp! (I used to have horrible red spots all over my scalp and now they’re gone.)  I finally confessed that I stopped using her fancy salon products and switched to yours instead. My color has stayed so nice I’ve even skipped highlights/lowlights the last few times I’ve gone (just have to cover the gray roots  !). She was very impressed so I told her to check out your website.  I’ve been trying to help spread the word 😉

Kate / North Carolina

I love how your conditioner makes my hair feel! The mint is really refreshing and I like that the scent from essential oils rather than artificial fragrances. All of the ingredients are things I feel good about. My husband said he wanted to try it on his beard. We’re fans!

Julia / Portland, OR

Just came from the hairdresser and she was very impressed with the condition of my hair since I’ve been using Plaine Products for the last 4 months. She could really tell a difference and I even just spent 10 days in the sun and ocean.

Ellie / Cincinnati, OH

Your shampoo is the absolute best!!  @plaineproducts. I have very long hair that lacks volume, however after leaving your shampoo in my hair for 5 minutes while I shower does an amazing thing….. After I blow dry my hair, it’s full of volume and life – didn’t even need to add any products to it. Thanks so much to your brand, morals and cause!!! 

Monica / @soulbeautyxxo

Just used it this morning! Great scent and leaves my skin soft! Love the concept. You guys rock!

Donna / Stuart, FL

Just wanted to let you know that tried your shampoo and conditioner on my 2 year old’s hair, since I haven’t been having good luck with her baby shampoos. It’s perfect! I know you don’t advertise it as such, but thus far it’s been “no tears”, rinses easily, and is seriously doing a number on her cradle cap. Thanks for producing a great product that I can feel good about using for so many reasons.


I absolutely love your products!! They’ve been a total game changer for me because I have super hard water and shampoo bars just weren’t working!   Definitely will be sticking with your shampoo + conditioner for the long haul. The citrus lavender is my fav!

Jane / @jane_and_simple