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Eco Friendly Gift Sets for Everyone On Your List

Want to shop sustainably this holiday season but not sure where to start? We’ve got eco-friendly gift sets for all types of people, so you can find the perfect eco-friendly gift. The best part? They’re all plastic-free, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.


Zero-Waste Starter Kit

Perfect for someone who…

  • Is new to environmentalism
  • Overwhelmed by all the options
  • Loves hydration


This set is perfect for anyone who wants to start their sustainability journey but isn’t quite sure how. It comes complete with a full size bottle of hand wash and lotion and travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner. The travel sizes allow you to test out the shampoo and conditioner on your hair, while the full size bottles of hand wash and lotion allow you to jump hands-first into a more sustainable lifestyle.


Self-Care Gift Set

Perfect for someone who…

  • Loves practicing mindfulness
  • Needs a reminder to slow down every now and then
  • Would never say no to a night in


Our Self-Care set has everything you need for a sustainable self-care sesh. Use our Deep Conditioner as a hydrating hair mask while you use our Body Lotion and Beauty Oil for some Gua Sha, deep tissue massaging, and more.


Skin Care Set

Perfect for someone who…

  • Is always trying the newest Tik Tok skincare routines
  • Has no idea how to even start a skincare routine
  • Likes to keep it simple


Our Skin Care set comes with our Face Wash, Face Toner, and Face Moisturizer so it has all the basic building blocks of the perfect skincare routine. Our Face Wash gently removes dirt, oil, and impurities, and our Face Toner helps to tighten the skin and soften your complexion. Round out your routine with our Face Moisturizer for an ultra-hydrating finish.


Day At The Spa SetDay at the Spa - Gift Set

Perfect for someone who…

  • Loves treating their hair
  • Needs a little extra hydration in their life
  • Struggles with flyaways or split ends


This set is special because it is the only set that includes our holy grail product: Hair Repair. After you kick off the spa vibes with our Shampoo, Conditioner, and Beauty Oil, finish it off with our Hair Repair to address split and damaged hair ends, add shine, and replenish moisture. Our Hair Repair is always selling out, so make sure you get your hands on it while you can!


Minimalist Routine Set

Perfect for someone who…

  • Hates clutter
  • Takes quick showers
  • Travels frequently


Our Minimalist routine delivers a luxuriously hydrating punch without any of the clutter. Our Hair & Body Wash nourishes both your hair and skin at the same time, so you can cut out the need for a separate body wash. Follow it up with our Body Lotion to lock in the hydration and you’re good to go!


Hand Sanitizer Set (DISCONTINUED)

Perfect for someone who…

  • Hates germs
  • Hates synthetic chemicals and fragrance
  • Loves feeling fresh and clean


Our Hand Sanitizer set comes with a full size bottle and a travel bottle so you can refill whenever you need to. Our customers RAVE about our Sanitizer because the combination of ethyl alcohol and peppermint essential oil has significant antimicrobial and antiviral properties to keep you safe and sanitized without leaving a sticky residue.


Eco-friendly gifts are perfect for everyone! And now is the perfect time to give the gift of sustainability with our Gift Set Flash Sale! Get 25% off gift sets December 7-9 with code GIFT25.



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