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3 Reasons to Use Deep Conditioner

All hair can benefit from using a Deep Conditioner. Our hair gets damaged daily from styling, hot tools, color treatments, sun exposure, and more. The key to helping prevent damage and achieve healthier, stronger hair, is to use a deep conditioner. Even if you already have healthy, non-damaged hair you can benefit from the use of deep conditioner as a way to maintain your beautiful locks.
Here are 3 good reasons why you should incorporate deep conditioner into your regular hair care routine:

#1 Prevents Damage

Deep Conditioner can help prevent hair breakage and split ends by adding moisture to your hair. The ingredients in Plaine Products’ ultra-hydrating Deep Conditioner work to penetrate the hair strands on a much deeper level than our regular conditioner and increase your hair’s hydration. Your hair needs to be properly moisturized to avoid dry, brittle hair, and using a deep conditioner on a regular basis will help maintain healthy hair.

# 2 Restores Shine

A deep conditioner works to smooth and hydrate the individual hair shafts leading to a return of the natural shine of your hair. If your hair has lost some of its shine, it is probably in need of the nutrients and moisturizing benefits a deep conditioner can provide.


# 3 Promotes Elasticity

Hair with more elasticity is stronger, healthier hair that won’t break! Deep conditioning can help improve the elasticity of your hair by nourishing, strengthening, and moisturizing your hair. It increases the elasticity of your hair allowing it to resist stretching and breaking longer.
Deep conditioner is designed to be left in your hair for longer than your regular, daily conditioner. A few extra minutes, whether that be 5 or 30 minutes, will allow the deep conditioner to provide more hydration and leave you with healthier, shinier hair.


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