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Why We Choose Aluminum

We founded Plaine Products to provide natural, quality products in sustainable packaging, making it easier for everyone to use a little less plastic in their lives. But why did we choose aluminum? Read on to find out.



The heart of our model is reuse, so it’s important that our bottles can withstand being used multiple times by multiple customers. Aluminum is the perfect solution; it’s lightweight but strong, easy to clean, and doesn’t break down easily like cheap plastics.



Plastic is notoriously under-recycled – in fact only about 9% of all plastic ever created has ever been recycled. That statistic is even worse in the United States, with only 6% of our plastic actually being made into new products. 

Aluminum is a totally different story. Aluminum is much easier to recycle, and it does not lose quality when you recycle it, unlike plastic. While our bottles are meant to be reused, when it is time to retire a bottle, we can breathe easy knowing it will actually be recycled.


Health Safety

Aluminum offers a safe, chemical-free option for our packaging. Plastic, a petroleum derivative, is linked to dangerous toxins and various negative health outcomes. We pledge to keep our products as safe as possible, so plastic bottles are not an option.

Aluminum has been proven safe for packaging use, and any negative health impacts of aluminum are due to excessively high exposure levels (which is uncommon). Our aluminum bottles have an internal cosmetic-grade liner to make sure there is no leaching into the products. The liner is made from cured food-grade methoxy propyl acetate, which is listed as a low-hazard ingredient by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

For us, the choice is simple. Our bottles are durable, easy to reuse and recycle, and better for the planet. We choose to reuse, refuse, reduce, repair, and recycle aluminum. Join us!



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