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Beach Cleanups to Biology: Celebrate Kaysha With Us!

Recognize this girl? If you follow us on social media, chances are you’ve seen her face. But it’s time to get to know her a little bit more! Kaysha Kenney has been with Plaine Products since June of 2021, helping to create the engaging and informative posts you see on our social channels today. She even helped kickstart our TikTok


In addition to being a fab TikTok star, Kaysha is an extremely passionate environmentalist. A native Californian, Kaysha has devoted her life to protecting our oceans and beaches through education and advocacy. 


Kaysha worked as a tidepool educator for the Laguna Ocean Foundation while also cleaning up some serious trash from our beaches. In 2021, Kaysha set an ambitious goal to pick up 1000 lbs of trash via individual and community beach cleanups. Not only did she reach that goal in just 6 months, but she more than doubled it! Kaysha, alongside 274 volunteers, spent over 100 hours picking up trash across 96 miles of shoreline at 17 different beaches. All of this hard work led to Kaysha cleaning up 2500 lbs of trash from California’s beaches in 2021! (cue the applause)


While the solution to ending plastic pollution is to stop plastic production altogether, beach cleanups are still a helpful tool in the fight against plastic pollution. They help reduce litter, protect wildlife, and most importantly, raise awareness about litter and plastic pollution. Individual actions like these are important, because a bunch of individual actions added up together can equal major progress. Just look at Kaysha and her volunteers!


“I hope that if you take anything away from this, it’s that we have a tremendous problem, so much bigger than ourselves, but we have the power to create change. No action is too small.”- Kaysha Kenney


We’re so proud of her hard work and dedication. But Kaysha’s story doesn’t end there! It has always been her dream to get a Masters in Marine Biology. COVID did its best to derail those plans…until now. Kaysha has been accepted to James Cook University for a Masters in Marine Biology in Australia, starting in February of 2022! We’re so excited for her to follow her dreams and continue to advocate for a healthier planet.

We are SO excited for our TikTok star! If you want to follow along on her journey through Australia, follow her on social media here. And check out all the fun videos she’s made on our TikTok!



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