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Sustainable Spring Break

Whether you are traveling for the week or just a weekend these tips are sure to help you pack for your spring break sustainably! 


Bring your own water bottle


Wherever you find yourself this spring break bring your own water bottle with you to avoid the need to purchase a plastic water bottle. If you are flying somewhere you can actually bring an empty bottle with you through security and then fill it up before boarding! 


Pack a set of utensils


We all love enjoying delicious food while vacationing but with many places still using plastic disposable utensils and carryout containers avoiding all of the unnecessary waste can be difficult. Instead of investing in a fancy set of reusable flatware in a carrying case just pack a set of utensils from home and wrap them in a dishtowel that can double as your napkin! Airports will even let you travel with your own spoon and fork, but leave the butter knife at home to avoid any trouble. 


Download your books


Instead of placing an order for some new reads to keep you occupied on a flight or by the pool, download your books onto your phone or tablet instead! Doing so will save you space in your suitcase and save on emissions from the printing and shipping of the book, a win-win. Need some suggestions? Check out some of our recommendations here.



Pack a sunscreen that is safe for you and the planet


Did you know many sunscreens actually contain ingredients that have been linked to skin cancer and, when worn in the ocean, can damage coral reefs? Yikes! Luckily many cleaner sunscreen options are becoming available. Our favorite brand is Raw Elements which you can purchase in either a traditional tube or in a plastic-free tin. 


Don’t forget your plastic-free toiletries


Skip the hotel’s plastic-laden toiletries and bring your own products from home. You can either repurpose mini bottles that you already own and refill them with your favorite products or buy a low waste option that you can use for years to come. This zero waste travel kit is our favorite option because the lotion’s main ingredient is aloe which is perfect if your skin gets a little too much sun! 


No matter where you end up this spring break, get outside, soak up the sun and leave wherever you are better than you found it by picking up litter when you come across it. Small habits lead to great change, happy travels! 



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