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#ProgressWithPlaine: Celebrating individual action for the planet!

Will buying one reusable bottle save the planet? No. But, together, we’ve already eliminated 400,000 plastic bottles from the waste stream! 


While we know that corporations and policy makers ultimately move the levers necessary for stopping climate change, we’d like to celebrate the power and ability for each of us to be changemakers. After all, it is only through the collective power of individual action that we have seen, and will see, the change we need at the systemic level.


That’s why we’ve launched our #ProgressWithPlaine campaign! The ripple effect of inspiration is incomparable and we want to highlight all the ways in which individuals are taking action for the planet.


Earth Day 2022

We kicked off our #ProgressWithPlaine campaign on Earth Day (April 22) this year. Earlier that month, we announced that we were donating our plastic-free Hand Sanitizers in support of Earth Day events across the country. We’re thrilled to have been a part of so many amazing events – here are just a few highlights:


Miami Beach, FL. Clean Miami Beach hosted an epic beach clean-up with 101 volunteers! They picked up 464lbs of litter, including 236 plastic bottles.


Boulder, CO. Ocean First Institute held their virtual Spring Microplastics Pollution Monitoring Program with a research symposium with students and teachers.


Grand Haven, MI. Aldea Coffee hosted a beach clean-up and picked up over 400lbs of trash (wearing thrifted clothing).


Los Angeles, CA. A leadership development training for students to “Plant their Dreams.”


Rosemead, CA. Rosemead High’s Ecology club planted succulents and organized a school-wide recycling event.

Mt. Airy, NC. Members of the Surry Sunrise Rotary Club cleaned up 38 bags of litter in Mt. Airy.

Chattanooga, TN. Danelle picked up a huge bag of trash from just a one-block radius around her house.


Share your #ProgressWithPlaine!

Whether it’s switching to reusable bathroom products, organizing a beach clean-up or climate strike, getting involved with your local government, or educating your community about the climate crisis, our collective efforts ARE helping to create large-scale change.


Post how you’re taking action using the hashtag #ProgressWithPlaine and visit our landing page to receive a special coupon as a thank you for all you’re doing for the planet.


And be sure to check out how others are making #ProgressWithPlaine here!


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