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Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve got the sustainable gift ideas you’ve been looking for. From repurposing what you already have to creating memorable experiences, these sustainable Mother’s Day gifts are perfect for the eco-minded mom in your life.


Give An Old Memento New Life

Mother’s Day is a chance to let the mother figure in your life know how much you love and appreciate them. One of our favorite ways to do that sustainably is to give an old memory new life! You could make a scrapbook of your old photos, sew old baby clothes together into a cozy blanket, or edit together your favorite home movies into a sentimental highlight reel. Get creative!


Donate To Her Favorite Cause

Let your mom know you care about what’s important to her. If she has a favorite charity or cause, consider making a donation in her name. This one is a win-win-win: a gift for her, a gift for a cause close to her heart, and zero negative impact on the planet!

You could even consider donating to one of our nonprofit partners, Beyond Plastics! A donation to Beyond Plastics will help them protect moms and babies of all species from the dangers of plastic pollution and they’ll send the person you’ve chosen to honor an adorable e-card to let her know you care.


Dedicate a Tree In Her Name

This one’s for the nature-loving mamas out there! We love the idea of dedicating a tree in her name. Not only is it a unique way to express your love, but it will continue to positively impact the planet for years to come. Check out The Trees Remember to dedicate a tree in her name!


Sustainable Self Care

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your mom to a little self-care! Give her an at-home facial with our Facial Care Trio set, or go all-in with our Day At The Spa set. Not only will your mom feel relaxed and rejuvenated, but all of the products come plastic-free, so she’ll feel good knowing she’s protecting the planet at the same time.


While all of these sustainable Mother’s Day gifts are sure to bring a smile to her face, don’t forget that the most important gift you can give your mom is time. Take the day to slow down, enjoy some quality time, and let her know how thankful you are to have her. Happy Mother’s Day!


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