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Promoting Reuse: Plastic Free Future

Plastic Free Future is a non-profit organization dedicated to the reduction and elimination of plastic pollution by promoting reusable alternatives and focusing on outreach and education to systemically excluded communities.  Founded by Alejandra Warren in 2020, PFF promotes reuse as one critical solution to the plastic pollution crisis. Additionally, Plastic Free Future produces, synthesizes, and communicates science-based information with a particular focus on underserved communities, youth, and policymakers.

We envision a world where Earth’s living systems are thriving, and where future generations can live without the burden of plastics threatening their health and environment. A world where sustainable solutions are accessible to all.

— Alejandra Warren, Executive Director, Plastic Free Future

Alejandra is a leading voice in the global movement to eliminate single-use plastics and accelerate a truly circular economy. She has worked on efforts to pass the first single-use plastic ban in San Mateo County, California, and has also been heavily involved in the Global Plastics Treaty negotiations. Through her involvement, she encourages delegations to address the multi-generational harms that plastics inflict on low-income and communities of color and invest in community-based reuse and zero-waste systems.


Promoting Reuse

Plastic Free Future community member holding up her beautiful reusable bag and a bottle of Plaine ProductsPlaine Products is proud to partner with Plastic Free Future on their Reuse Incentive Programs providing bulk shampoo as a reward option for participants. Here’s how it works:

1. Stop by the Plastic Free Future table at one of three Farmer’s Markets in the San Francisco Bay Area:
– East Palo Alto on Wednesday 10- 12
– Pacifica on Wednesday 3 – 5
– Half Moon Bay on Saturday 9 – 11

2. Sign up for their program to learn how to reduce your plastic footprint and get a beautiful reusable bag.

3. Stop by their table every week to receive a point each time you remember to bring bags to the market.

4. Redeem points for reusable prizes, like reusable jars, reusable straws, and Plaine Products refills!

5. Weekly efforts will not only help the planet but it will also help us keep our communities cleaner and healthier.


In addition to their Reuse Incentive Programs, environmental education initiatives, and the consulting services and other programs they offer, their website also includes a map of reuse businesses around the world that offer either reusable takeout incentives, bulk refills, or reusables for on-site dining.


Sharing Research on Plastics in our Bodies and the Environment

Plastic Free Future also works to produce reliable science-based information for public education, outreach, and awareness campaigns, while providing policymakers with the tools needed to make sound, sustainable decisions.

Science is only starting to uncover the impacts of this planetary issue and there is a long road ahead to fully understand how plastic pollution is affecting humans, soil, water, air, and the environment.  Research is beginning to unveil how much plastic we consume in our food, beverages, and even the air we breathe.

Alarmingly, the processing and manufacturing of plastic products are disproportionally impacting communities of color. We urgently need inclusive solutions to drastically reduce the amount of plastics entering the environment—solutions that require a shift away from the current model of excessive plastic consumption and where sustainable solutions are still a privilege. From local action and outreach to advocacy at international scales, Plastic Free Future supports the growing global movement to solve the plastic crisis.

Importance of Intersectional Environmentalism

Plastic Free Future recognizes the importance of Intersectional Environmentalism. All too often, Latinx and other underserved communities are excluded from sustainability conversations and lack access to the education, outreach, and programs enjoyed by their more affluent neighbors. A major focus of Plastic Free Future is bridging the wide Social Equity and Inclusion gap between Latinx communities and the sustainability movement. PFF works to provide these communities with the tools they need to advocate for equity and inclusion while amplifying their voices.

Join us in celebrating and honoring the work of Plastic Free Future as they continue to promote reusable alternatives to single-use plastic, expand our bilingual programs and bring environmental education to underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Young Plastic Free Future community member holding up a bottle of Plaine Products shampoo


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