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Why I Vote

It should come as no surprise that we are huge advocates of voting and civic engagement here at Plaine Products. We talk about it regularly and celebrate it annually. We believe one of the best ways we can effect change is through voting, in each and every election. Voting gives power to the people and allows us to hold our leaders accountable. It matters! Local, state, and federal elections can make a huge difference in our lives and the environment. Our biggest opportunity to fight for a better future for people and the planet is to exercise our right to vote.

This year we’ve taken our get out the vote efforts a step further and we are rewarding (this page has been removed) you for sharing WHY the 2020 Election is important to you.

But first, we wanted to share some of our own reasons for voting, from the Plaine Products team.

From our CEO, Lindsey McCoy

We all can take action in our lives to help create a better future for ourselves, our families and our planet. we can take action by purchasing sustainable products, by living more consciously and by voting. Voting is so important because the policies of our local, state and national governments do more to affect our environment than any individual action. We must ensure that our governments are taking proactive action on the environment and climate change. Without a healthy planet to sustain us any solutions to other problems won’t matter. That is why voting matters – at every level and in every election.

From some of our team members:






Now it’s your turn!

Upload a picture that symbolizes WHY or HOW you are engaging in the 2020 Election.

The photo could be anything—a symbol of your values, a piece of artwork, a current event, a photo of something you treasure—so feel free to get creative!  Share with us and help us encourage others to get out the vote for 2020!

To celebrate your civic engagement, we’ll share a coupon code after you submit your image and we’ll email it to you, too. The coupon will be good for our entire shop until November 15, 2020.


Be sure you’re registered, VOTE, get politically engaged, and make your voice heard! Your vote is your voice on Election Day so don’t miss your chance to be heard. Vote at the ballot. Vote with your wallet. Vote for the environment.


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