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Sustainable Subscription: We’ve Lowered our Prices

Plaine Products was designed to make being environmentally friendly easy! From our aluminum bottles, to our chemical free products, we want to empower you to make choices that are good for your family and the planet without having to leave your home!

Our lives our so busy these days, Plaine Products wants to be on the list of things you don’t have to worry about. We set up a sustainable subscription option to make it easy.  Just tell us which products you want, how often you want them, and we’ll do the rest.

Even better: last week we lowered our subscription rate to reward those who are choosing to stick with us! And for those who signed up early for our sustainable subscription we didn’t forget about you! We’ve gone back and changed the prices on your subscription shampoo, conditioner and body wash so they reflect the new prices!

Time frame options for your Sustainable Subscription:

Two Months: If you and your entire family share the same bottle this might be the best subscription option for you!

Three Months: A good choice if it’s just you and your partner, but you still go through a lot of product. Maybe it’s because you have long hair, or just really love our body wash, either way we are here for you!

Four Months: If you use an average amount of shampoo, or have shorter hair, our products can definitely last four months.

Six Months: We just added a six month option. As we’ve grown we’ve realized there are some amazing people out there with hair that doesn’t require daily washes. This is the choice for people who love to make products last.

But don’t stress too much about your timeframe. You can always go into your account and update your time frame or change your products. In your account you can even completely cancel your sustainable subscription and start from scratch!

You want shampoo more often than conditioner?

Everyone’s hair is different. You need shampoo and conditioner on different time frames? Not a problem! Just subscribe to each separately. Let us know you want shampoo every two months and conditioner every 4 months, like me. Or vice versa, like my

If there are other options that we can provide, or you need a little help, please never hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

Thanks for supporting the packaging revolution. Together we’re eliminating single use plastics!



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