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Single Use Plastic Problem

single-use-plastic-problemPlaine Products wants to be a solution to single use plastic problem The single use plastic problem is real. Plastic is designed to last forever and yet 50% of it is used once and thrown away. The plastic problem is filling our landfills, micro plastics are floating in our oceans as garbage patches and plastics are polluting our beaches in the form of plastic litter.

Its not just the earth we’re harming, much of this plastic is killing animals, both marine life and seabirds. Whales, birds, turtles are turning up dead because their stomachs are filled with plastic they cannot digest. They die from starvation while feeling full.

single-use-plastic-problemMicro Plastics Problem

Small fish are eating micro plastic that are floating just beneath the surface of the water. They are, in turn, eaten by larger fish and the plastic works its way up the food chain to larger predators, like humans! While much of this micro plastic is caught up on the of the five plastic ocean gyres spread around the world, scientists have found it everywhere. It’s a global problem.

Many of our lovely beaches are full of beach plastic. Not only does the beach plastic come from boats at sea, it also washes out through rivers and storm drains. Much of the plastic in the Atlantic Ocean actually comes from the Midwest through the Great Lakes. The beach plastic never really goes away, while the sun and water may break it down, it’s still there causing plastic problems.

single use plastic problemThe good news is that the single use plastic problem is one we can do something about. We can use less single use plastic. Every time you purchase an item, you can choose not to contribute to the single use plastic problem. Glass, paper and metal are all better alternatives, they can be reused or recycled. While plastic can be recycled it only delays its eventual trip to the landfill. Its always better to reuse than recycle. That’s why Plaine Products is a good solution to the single use plastic problem, our bottles are all reused.

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