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Running a Sustainable Business: Positively Green

Plaine Products CEO Lindsey McCoy was recently featured on the Positively Green Podcast to give an inside scoop of what it’s like running a sustainable business.



The Positively Green Podcast helps you live a green life you’ll love. With topics from sustainability, green living, natural beauty, eco fashion, and more, Kelsey and Becca share their journeys on how you can live a healthy life that puts the earth first. In every episode, they give you a small actionable task you can implement into your life to do a bit better by the earth.



PODCAST EPISODE: Running a Sustainable Business with Plaine Products CEO Lindsey McCoy

Lindsey thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Becca and Kelsey all about Plaine Products. You can stream the episode directly here and have a listen to hear all about:

  • How Plaine Products got started and what they offer
  • Why are plastic shampoo bottles a problem in the first place – can’t they just be recycled? Why is refillable better? ♻️
  • The main hurdles when it comes to getting consumers thinking in a more circular mindset
  • Challenges with maintaining a sustainable business model
  • Does online shopping have a higher carbon footprint?
  • The reality of plastics and microplastics in the ocean 🌊
  • What Plaine has planned for the future


You can also listen and download here:



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