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Plastic Free July: How To Go Plastic Free At Work

Plastic-Free July is an exciting month for all of us to take a hard look at the plastic we use in our daily lives. And as many people start heading back to the office, eliminating plastic from your work routine is a perfect place to start! Whether you work from home or the office, here are some ways to have a plastic-free workday.


Pack your own lunch.

A recent study found that takeaway food and drink containers dominate the litter found in our oceans, and this is expected to increase. You can avoid this by bringing your lunch and snacks to work in reusable containers. If you do need to get takeaway, bring your own reusable containers along with you. Most restaurants will place your food directly in your containers for a tasty, zero-waste lunch!


Invest in a travel mug and reusable water bottle.

It’s estimated that the world uses over 16 billion takeaway coffee cups each year. Travel mugs can help you avoid those plastic-lined cups, both at your local coffee shop and in the employee lounge. In and out of the office throughout the day? Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle along so you can always stay hydrated no matter where your job takes you. 


Switch to plastic-free office supplies.

Many office supplies are made of plastic: think pens, rubber bands, binder clips, tape and more. You can help reduce the amount of plastic in landfills by switching to plastic-free office supplies instead! Try out some plantable pencils, paper tape, or invest in a reusable and refillable fountain pen.


Advocate for company-wide change.

Chances are you’re not the only person in your company who cares about sustainability. There’s power in numbers, so talk with your coworkers and consider forming a green team or sustainability task force. Determine areas where your company could be more sustainable, and work with your executive leadership to implement change. Switching to reusable or compostable cups and tableware in the employee lounge is a great place to start!


Your workday doesn’t have to be full of plastic. Implementing these swaps and talking to your coworkers can be a great way to reduce plastic and kickstart your company’s sustainability initiatives. Small changes like these have meaningful impacts, so you can enjoy a sustainable workplace during Plastic-Free July and beyond.

(And as you head back to the office, don’t forget your travel size Plaine Products hand sanitizer!)


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