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Partner Highlight: Storybook Apothecary

Plaine Promoters are individuals who use Plaine Products, love them and want to get others to join in eliminating single-use plastics while enjoying outstanding products. Plaine Promoters spread the word about our products and get 10% from every sale they generate.

Our latest Plaine Promoter highlight is Tianna of Storybook Apothecary. Tianna is a blogger and green beauty enthusiast from California. She enjoys sharing the magic in everyday life with others through natural beauty, wellness and the metaphysical.

Tell us more about yourself and your message. Why is it so important to you to share that message with others?

I started blogging back in 2012 when I became obsessed with green beauty and solving my skin troubles (mainly acne). Since then, I’ve created tons of resources to help others find great brands and products on my blog, youtube channel, and Instagram. Since I struggled so long to find brands that were actually effective for my combination, acne-prone skin while also ticking other boxes that were important to me (eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural and organic, and created with a conscience), I wanted to help others sift through all the greenwashing and other nonsense to products that would really leave a positive impact on their skin and their lives.

Do you have a favorite post or story you want to share?

My most recent favorite content series that I created is my Zodiac Makeup Tutorial Series! I created a makeup look for each sign in the zodiac. I loved making it because I was able to create all of the looks using clean and natural makeup products while also sharing my love for astrology.

What’s your one best, easiest tip for minimizing single-use plastics?

My tip is to find eco-friendly replacements for things you use all the time and pick things you love using. If you don’t like your new reusable water bottle or shopping bag, it’s unlikely that you’ll use it so enjoy the process. Living kindly doesn’t mean sacrificing personal taste, especially with how many options exist these days!

What do you think is usually the biggest blocker for people in regards to living a more sustainable lifestyle?

I think the main thing is convenience, especially for people who are new to living a greener, more eco-conscious lifestyle, so find reusable replacements for things that you would normally use and toss. The most common things I’ve found that have made the biggest impact on my plastic use is using fabric shopping bags, a reusable water bottle, metal straws, glass tupperware, and of course, beauty products whenever possible. Reusing plastic containers whenever possible is also great so it doesn’t end up in a landfill. I like emptying old containers and creating my own DIY products to gift to people.

photo by Tianna of Storybook Apothecary

Do you have a favorite Plaine Product and if so, what is it?

I honestly love all of them, but my main favorites are the rosemary vanilla hair products and your new beauty facial oil!

Any fun projects you’ve been working on during COVID or some sneak peek information on any upcoming projects?

As for any new projects I’m working on, I just released some very much requested videos for “Tarot Basics” so if anyone is interested in learning how to read tarot, these will help you on your journey 🙂

During quarantine, I’ve done a lot of podcasting! I was a guest on my friend’s podcast where I shared astrology basics in a 3 part episode. I started a podcast with a friend about dating/relationships which you can listen to here. And I’m considering starting my own podcast because why not? So stay tuned for that!


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