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New Plaine Products Shop Design!

Notice anything different lately? Our new Plaine Products shop now offers all products individually – this means that you’re able to have products with different time frames in one order, or create your own multiple-bottle order, and get bulk pricing discounts. This has been a highly requested feature, especially as people go through products (like shampoo vs. conditioner) at different rates.

To ensure the cost stays the same customers still save 10% when they subscribe. While shipping more products at once means a lower carbon footprint, we also want to make sure it means saving for you. We’re also offering 10% off orders over $50 and free shipping on orders over $100.
We’ve also updated the subscription system so it’s super simple to change your existing shipping time frames in your account! If you want to change when you receive your next shipment, just visit the subscription page of your account
  • STEP 1: Click VIEW to the left of the subscription you want to change.
  • STEP 2: To make changes to an existing subscription click Change Renewal Date or Details. Let us know when you want your next shipment and your desired renewal timeframe. You can use the details field to let us know if you need further assistance making changes.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email us!


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