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Marketing Manifesto

By definition, a manifesto is a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.  So while my thoughts and actions of how we as Plaine Products operate and market ourselves to consumers have always fallen in line with our values and mission, I don’t always declare our intentions publicly. And sometimes, oftentimes, it’s important to say these things out loud, even if they aren’t that far from how we have been operating.
We have declared some of our marketing intentions before (see our blog post: Sustainable, Ethical Marketing Practices at Plaine Products). And we do so again now, as we set new and additional guidelines to help inform our goals and decide how and where to spend our marketing dollars.
So I present to you, our Marketing Manifesto. It is a work in progress that will evolve and improve over time. Because, as we like to say, progress not perfection. It, like us, will never be quite perfect because we can always do better.

Our Marketing Manifesto

2020 was a rough year for all of us. The death, destruction, and damage that was caused… while I wish much were different, I can’t wish all of it away. I learned so much about racial and social inequalities, the importance of environmental justice and intersectional environmentalism, and the power of activism and voting to enact change. I do believe change is coming, even if it’s not as fast or as systematic as we might desire.
As a small business owner, I was feeling low about my power to affect change. We don’t have a large platform like Patagonia or Ben & Jerry’s. But then I realized I was falling into the same trap we urge our community to avoid. Not being able to do everything isn’t an excuse to do nothing. Progress is better than perfection when achieving perfection means inaction.
So what can we do? Again, much like we encourage our community, we can choose where we spend our dollars. This year Plaine Products will spend its marketing dollars to help amplify other voices and encourage change. We will continue to donate to nonprofits whose mission aligns with ours to reduce waste and plastic pollution and to promote positive circular solutions. We will partner with influencers and bloggers who are working to advocate for racial, social, and environmental justice. We will collaborate with like-minded sustainable businesses to offer more solutions to consumers. Our standards will be higher and, we hope, our dollars more effective.
— Lindsey, CEO and Co-Founder


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