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Business with Purpose

Business with Purpose Podcast featuring Plaine Products

It was such fun to chat with Molly and an honor to be on her Business with Purpose Podcast. Here’s her take on Plaine Products and the podcast for your listening pleasure! If you enjoy this there are lots of other great episodes over at Still Being Molly. 

Did you know that only about 1 in FIVE plastic bottles are ever recycled? And that it can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose. It’s actually estimated that humans are purchasing one million plastic bottles… PER MINUTE. Let that sink in. One million bottles PER MINUTE globally. And with 91% of those bottles never being recycled… that’s a lot of plastic that’s going to just end up in landfills, streams, creeks, and the ocean. I’m not trying to sound like some crazy tree hugger, but that’s a pretty alarming number. So what if each of us, made at least ONE simple, small change in 2018 to reduce the amount of plastic we are using and consuming? What if there was a company that was out there that could help you along the way?

My guest this week is Lindsey McCoy, founder of Plaine Products, a clean and zero waste bath and body company! They’re doing so much to positively impact the environment and you will love hearing all about them… You can use the coupon code MOLLY for 20% off at checkout to give Plaine Products a try!

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About Lindsey:

Lindsey McCoy has a master’s degree in nonprofit management and spent the last 10 years working on environmental education in the Bahamas, islands full of single-use plastic. She and her sister co-founded a company, Plaine Products, that offers shampoo, conditioner and body wash and lotion in aluminum bottles that can be returned, refilled and reused. She is currently on the Board of the Friends School of Wilmington and the Plastic Ocean Project.

Connect with Lindsey and Plaine Products:


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