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6 People for Whom Plaine Products is a Great Gift Idea

The holiday season is upon us. Decorations are appearing, along with the annual stress of finding presents for our loved ones and our not so loved ones. To help, we’ve got a list of 6 types of people for whom Plaine Products would be a great gift idea! To help you enjoy the season use the code HOLIDAY at check out for any items in the shop!

gift for travel lover, travel sizeGreat gift idea for travel lovers

Got friends who are always on the go? Our travel size bottles make great gifts for travel lovers. We have shampoo, conditioner and body wash options. These aluminum bottles can be refilled by our larger 16oz bottles every time they return home, eliminating the need for those ubiquitous little plastic bottles.

A single travel size bottle, or one of the three packs, also make great secret Santa gift ideas, stocking stuffers, and presents for neighbors.

Gift Ideas for co-workers, your boss, or your office party

Bring something different to the office party’s white elephant gift exchange this year. Plaine Products’ hand soap or lotion are great gift ideas for co-workers and bosses and it won’t be something they have to find space in their house to display. Plus you’ll get points for considering the environment and giving a plastic-free gift! This time your Secret Santa present will bring smiles.

Gifts for Dad

Dads can be notoriously hard to shop for. Instead of another tie or tool, help them up their grooming game with Plaine Products’ shampoo and conditioner. Our rosemary, mint, vanilla is just the right amount of scent. We’ve even got a quote to prove it: “I’ve been using Plaine Products —shampoo, conditioner, body wash–for a couple weeks now. I’m hooked. For dudes, the fragrance is very subtle, not overly citrus or flowery, which I certainly appreciate.”

Presents for Mom

Moms are so busy taking care of everyone else they rarely make time for themselves. Here’s a gift idea that shows you’re thinking of them. Moms will appreciate the natural ingredients and the thought of taking a nice hot shower that makes them feel like they spent the day at the spa. You could also consider a subscription so they never have to worry about ordering refills. Our new Citrus Lavender scent would make any mom happy!

Gift ideas for pet lovers

We hear all of the time that people are using their Plaine Products on their pups and we love it. We even started a #PlaineProductsPups hashtag to celebrate. Consider sending some environmentally friendly products to the pet lover in your life. It will make them, their pooch, and the planet happy!

Best teacher gifts

Let’s all agree, teachers don’t need another mug, tie, or tote bag. Wouldn’t it be great to get them something they can use and that shows you care about the environment? If vegan shampoo and conditioner seems a little too familiar, consider the body lotion or the hand wash!

Got other ideas of people who would love Plaine Products?  Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.


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