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Account Qualifications

All new Plaine Products wholesale accounts are subject to approval and must present clear evidence that they are a legitimate retail business operating in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and intending to offer Plaine Products items via retail pricing. You can apply to be a Plaine Products wholesale vendor via our application form. Plaine Products reserves the right to refuse shipment to any customer. All accounts are subject to review or closure at any time.

Distribution Channels

Products may be offered for sale online, in a physical store location, salon or hairdressing facility, farmer’s market, or similar channel. Due to fraud issues, products may only be offered for sale on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay if the reseller obtains explicit, written permission from Plaine Products and maintains a lifetime seller ranking of 95% or higher. Retailers are responsible for operating in a legal and ethical manner in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and guidelines as well as applicable professional standards.

Minimum Order

Our minimum order for U.S. Plaine Products wholesale resellers is 6 bottles per SKU. We ask that you order a minimum of two SKUs. Our minimum order for Canadian resellers is 18 products of one or more SKUs.


All orders require payment via credit card payment or PayPal invoicing or approved credit terms prior to shipment. Credit at 30-day net terms is available following approval of a credit application. No Cash on Delivery (COD) orders.

Volume Discount

Plaine Products does not currently offer volume discounts.

Net-30 Terms

Companies may apply to be considered for net-30 terms (akin to interest-free credit) and may be accepted or rejected at Plaine Products’ discretion. Payment on net-30 invoices must be made within 30 days after the invoice has been sent. Invoices not timely paid will accrue simple interest at the lower of (x) 15% annually, accruing each month, or (y) the highest rate allowable by law. Net-30 terms may be revoked at any time. Prior to the delivery of wholesale orders, all risk of loss, damage or destruction to all or any part of the order will be borne exclusively by Plaine Products. Risk of loss shall pass to the buyer upon delivery. If damage or destruction of the order occurs during shipping, Plaine Products shall proceed to repair, restore or replace the affected order at its cost and expense, provided that the purchaser agrees to make available to Plaine Products any and all insurance proceeds which may apply to the damage or destruction.

Samples & Free Filling

Plaine Products will offer samples and participate in free fill placement programs on a case-by-case basis.


Plaine Products currently only ships to the U.S. and Canada.

Plaine Products will apply initial freight charges to the invoice but reserves the right to retroactively bill customers for additional freight charges once final charges have been posted by the carrier. Please note, at the customer’s request, Plaine Products will attempt to accurately quote freight costs prior to shipment but estimates may be off by up to 30%. We will notify the customer prior to shipment if the quote obtained at the time the shipment is processed exceeds the initial estimate by 30%.

Please allow up to 4 business days for processing a wholesale order. You will be notified as soon as possible of any significant shipping delays.

Expedited shipping is available at the customer’s request and the additional charges associated with that service will be added to the final invoice. Expedited shipping is available through UPS or USPS.

Wholesale orders shipping to Canadian addresses will not be shipped via the Postal Service unless specifically requested by the customer. In that case, the customer assumes all liability for shipping time, damage, and lost shipments. Insurance is not available. We strongly recommend that non-U.S. shipments be shipped via UPS.


We do not allow “repackaging” or “rebranding” of Plaine Products items. All products must be sold in the original Plaine Products packaging. Alteration or removal of the packaging or documentation included with products is also not allowed.


Merchandise must be in new, sealed, and resalable condition. Customers must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, issued by Plaine Products, prior to returning the merchandise in question. The RMA number must be enclosed in the shipping package. Requests for returned merchandise credit must be made within 30 days of delivery. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Defective or damaged products will be credited in full if reported within 7 days of delivery. A return shipping label will be issued and a credit memo will be issued for all returns.

Canada – Importation

Customers requesting orders to be shipped outside of the U.S. assume responsibility for customs issues including legality of import and all related charges including taxes, brokerage fees, import fees, etc. Plaine Products is unable to provide estimates or arrange for payments for any charges beyond the freight charges. Plaine Products will not issue refunds for product or shipping charges for orders that are detained or rejected by customs regardless of reasons.

Please ensure all customs paperwork is in order prior to requesting shipment.

Again, wholesale orders shipping to Canadian addresses will not be shipped via the Postal Service unless specifically requested by the customer. The customer is wholly responsible for these freight costs and assumes all liability for shipping time, damage, and lost shipments. Insurance is not available. We strongly recommend that non-U.S. shipments be shipped via UPS.

While Plaine Products will process and provide standard customs paperwork, some jurisdictions require additional paperwork and/or labeling. Additional paperwork, labeling, or processing required by the customer or customs will be subject to Plaine Products approval and to a $40/hour charge billed in .25 hour increments which will be added to the final invoice. All specific requirements and the physical labels and/or additional paperwork must be provided to Plaine Products prior to order processing

Please note that Plaine Products wholesale program policies and pricing subject to change without notice

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