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What We Believe In and How it Guides Us

The idea for Plaine Products was born out of a desire to have less single-use plastic bottles in our showers. Starting a company was an experiment to see if other people were interested in having less plastic bottles in their showers. If given the opportunity, would they be willing to purchase reusable bottles and return them? Thus far that experiment has been successful and we’ve been able to expand as a company and add more products and opportunities for people to reduce plastic waste.
As we’ve grown as a company we’ve added more people to the team. Suddenly it became important to pull the core values of Plaine Products out of our heads and put them onto paper. Both to communicate these core values to the people we work with and to more consciously communicate them as a company. Saying them out loud helps us to recommit to these values and sets a goal post for achievement.
We started with a list of phrases that we found we were repeating, like “progress, not perfection” and “sustainability”; priorities we have, like transparency and empowerment; and goals we want to achieve better, like inclusivity and justice. We discussed the list as a draft in an all-hands meeting and worked together as a team to refine it. The result is below, but we want this to be a living list. I hope that it will continue to evolve as we grow and learn as a company. – Lindsey


We recognize that we will never fully achieve zero waste and we want to meet everyone wherever they are on their low waste journey. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and shutting down in the face of waste and climate crises, we cheer every small change that each of us as individuals and businesses make towards a better world.


We recognize that we can’t solve the problems of plastic pollution and climate change alone. We partner with advocates, like-minded nonprofits, and businesses in an authentic way to achieve real change. We choose community over competition.


We respect and honor the diversity of all individuals and strive to include them in all of our actions, through hiring, partnering, and communications.


We are committed to being transparent, honest, and providing timely communication with customers & employees in all that we do including our ingredients, reuse systems, and sustainable business practices.


We work to empower customers to take positive action to reduce waste, with our own products and educational efforts around the plastic crisis. Additionally, provide the tools and autonomy to empower employees, both in the workplace and out in the world, to achieve our company’s goal of less waste on the planet.


From offering refillable, nontoxic, plastic-free products to cultivating a space that supports long-term relationships with our customers and employees, we operate with the goal of sustainability for our planet and our community.


We recognize that environmental and climate justice can not come without social justice. We will speak out against corporate polluters. We must amplify the diverse voices that are educating us on environmental racism. We must continue to learn more and do more to fight for a better environment for everyone.


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