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Unexpected Ways to Use Your Plaine Products

Ever feel like your bathroom cabinet is overflowing with products? Most personal care products are meant to do one thing and are likely packaged in plastic. Our products are designed to be mega-concentrated and versatile, meaning you can buy less and use our products for more. Read below for our favorite unexpected ways to use Plaine Products.


Beauty Oil

Our beauty oil is one of our most versatile products, so it’s a must-have for any Plaine Products fan! A deeply moisturizing blend of premium oils packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, our beauty oil can be used in a variety of unexpected ways:

  • Deep Conditioner- add a few drops to your Plaine Products conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment. 
  • Beard Oil- use a few drops as a beard oil to help hydrate the skin beneath your beard as well as soften and tame your facial hair.
  • Self Care- use our Beauty Oil for your favorite self-care practices, like massage or gua sha.
  • Flyaways and Frizz- apply to damp hair to tame your frizz and bring shape back to your curls.

And don’t be afraid to incorporate our Beauty Oil into your skincare routine! It’s silicone-free so it won’t clog pores, and can actually help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and fine lines. Add it to your Face Moisturizer for some extra hydration during the winter months, or use it as a spot treatment for any extra dry spots.



Whether you’re a Rosemary Mint Vanilla, Citrus Lavender, or Unscented fan, you can use your Plaine Products conditioner for more than just your hair:

  • Shaving Cream- our moisturizing conditioner is a perfect replacement for shaving cream, adding essential nutrients and hydration to your skin as you shave.
  • Hydrating Bath Soak- there’s nothing better than a hot soak, but level up your bath next time by adding a few pumps of conditioner! It’ll leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft even during the dry winter months. You can also add some of our Body Wash for those classic bubbles!


Hair Repair

Our Hair Repair is a versatile product that can be used as a detangler, to repair split ends, to add shine, and replenish moisture. But it can also be used as a conditioner! If you have fine hair that can’t handle the weight of a conditioner, try using our Hair Repair as a light, moisturizing solution. You can also help protect your hair from heat while styling by using a few drops of our Hair Repair!


Face Wash

Our vitamin C Face Wash helps refine skin’s tone and texture and fight the signs of aging. But it can also be used as a gentle eye makeup remover! Combine a little organic coconut oil (or our Beauty Oil) and Face Wash with warm water and you’ve got a toxin-free makeup remover. Learn more about how to make it here.


What are some of your favorite Plaine Products hacks? Let us know by connecting with us on social at @PlaineProducts!



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