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Sustainable Business

The Sustainable Business Spotlight

The Sustainable Business Spotlight with Amy Auble recognizes that some of the most significant shifts we can make in our lives to live more sustainably involve our everyday products. With this in mind, Amy interviewed Lindsey McCoy, co-founder and CEO of Plaine Products, which offers eco-friendly personal care products in reusable bottles. Inspired by her decade of environmental education work in the Bahamas, she created products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harmful chemicals.

Many of our everyday products are filled with harmful chemicals and wrapped in single-use plastics, which have an unprecedented impact on the environment. Join us as we take a closer look at how Plaine Products is combating waste in the beauty industry and share valuable advice for both sustainable founders and consumers. Let’s dive in!

Sustainable Business Spotlight Podcast

This podcast is perfect for sustainable business owners and consumers alike! Some episodes will be curated specifically for sustainable business owners; you will learn how to scale your sustainable business using the success and guidance of other owners, hear tips from people who truly understand what you’re experiencing, and understand how to grow your network and market your brand with sustainability at the forefront. Some episodes are directed more towards the consumers; understanding what makes a brand or business sustainable, learning about the importance of products made to last, and emphasizing why buying local matters!

Regardless of which audience you are a part of, this podcast packs a punch and encourages you to evaluate how sustainability can become a more prominent aspect of your business and in your life. Tune in on Tuesdays, where Amy passionately connects strategy and sustainability through solo and guest episodes. Time to shine a spotlight on sustainable businesses!


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