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A bed made up with American Blossom Linens

Sustainable Sleep Routine

Looking for ways to green your sleep routine? We’ve got you covered with eco-friendly tips to make bedtime the best (and greenest) part of your day.


Try a Sustainable Sleepy Time Tea

If you have trouble falling asleep, try an herbal tea like magnolia, lavender, or chamomile. But make sure those tea bags are plastic free! We love Higher Living Teas, or you can try making your own loose leaf tea.


Sleepy Skincare

Getting into a routine can help your body understand that it’s time to slow down. Try committing to a sustainable skincare routine to help your body and mind slow down:

Sink Into Sustainable Sheets

Turn your bed into a sustainably soft oasis with a good set of sheets. We love American Blossom Linens— their products are grown, processed, finished, and shipped in the USA, drastically reducing their carbon footprint. The organic wool and cotton will help you drift off to a peaceful sleep. Bonus, we got you a 20% off code – use PLAINE20 for new, sustainable sheets!


Shut Off The Tech

We know it’s tempting, but turning off your technology before bed is one of the best ways to ensure a good night’s rest. Unplug your devices, put away your phone, and enjoy the sweet solemnity of bedtime.

Sweet, green dreams everyone! xoxo


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