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Sustainable Packaging Podcast

Sustainable Packaging Podcast: Is refillable packaging the secret?

Plaine Products, CEO Lindsey McCoy was recently featured on the Sustainable Packaging podcast to discuss reuse as a packaging solution. The host, Cory Conners, uses the podcast to chat with industry leaders about eco friendly packaging options, new products, and how we can each make a difference to help improve packaging sustainability.explaining Circular Economy

Listen to Plaine Products CEO, Lindsey McCoy discuss, Is refillable packaging the secret?

They chat about:

  • Are refillable products the most sustainable option?
  • Frustrations with single use beauty product packaging
  • The future of sustainable packaging
  • How the circular economy comes into play with packaging
  • Why packaging waste is such a problem

Cory Conners Bio
I’ve been a packaging professional for my entire adult life. Right out of high school, I started making boxes at a Weyerhaeuser plant in Oregon. I paid my way through college with corrugated production! That early experience prepared me for the next 19 years at Landsberg ORORA, and I now guide clients through the complete design and packaging process. I truly enjoy my work, and am grateful to be a part of such an excellent company.


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