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succesful kickstarter campaign

Hurrah for a Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

Plaine Products is thrilled to announce a successful kickstarter campaign to add face wash and face moisturizer to our line of toxin-free, sustainable products. We could not have done it without your incredible support. Our customers are, without doubt, the best. Thank you!

With the addition of these new products we are two steps closer to getting plastic bottles out of the bathroom. This is a huge step forward.  Especially since, as a recent article pointed out, that while “a stream of scientific studies have made us aware of how the oceans are being polluted, we still have little understanding of how human health is impacted by the many synthetic chemicals and additives that are used to give plastic its qualities. In the past few years, minute microplastics and fibres, measuring the width of a human hair or far less, have been found in an extraordinary range of products, such as honey and sugar, shellfish, bottled and tap water, beer, processed foods, table salt and soft drinks.” So perhaps it is not only for the health of our planet, but also our own health, that we need to step away from plastic.

Timeline for Product Delivery

For those who purchased the packages with our existing products we aim to get them out next week. We’ll be in touch soon to get addresses. For everyone who purchased the new face wash and face moisturizer we are ordering the bottles now. We are hoping to be shipping far in advance of the August time frame. Right now our goal is late June, but we’ll keep you posted as we pull the pieces together.

We’ll also be organizing a beach clean up in honor of a large contribution to the kickstarter campaign, stay tuned for details!

If you aren’t already, please consider following us on your preferred social media channel. It’s an easy way keep you up to date on other developments with Plaine Products and share plastic-free tips!  We’re @plaineproducts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest  You can also sign up for monthly email updates on our homepage and we’ll send you a 20% off coupon code to say thank you.

Thank you again for a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

As a small, sister-owned start up, there’s no way this campaign would have been successful without your assistance. Although the news about the future of our planet is often grim, I gain hope from the support for our sustainable products and the enthusiasm with which people return our bottles. Together we can change the future.



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