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Partnering with Salons to Help Buyers Shop Sustainable Hair Care

Plaine Products is proud to be expanding our partnerships with salons to help their customers shop for sustainable hair care. We offer salons both our retail and bulk products so they can sell the products and use them in their back bar, all while ensuring less waste and toxins. As a part of this effort our CEO, Lindsey McCoy will be appearing monthly on the The Salon Owners Holistic Blueprint podcast. She will be appearing along with Kate Assaraf, founder of Dip Already shampoo and conditioner bars.


The Salon Owners Holistic Blueprint Podcast

This podcast empowers salon owners to create profitable and sustainable businesses while embracing holistic practices. The mission of the host, Jacquelyn Rodriguez, is to help salon owners and beauty professionals create a thriving and profitable business that embodies the principles of clean beauty and sustainability. Kate and Lindsey join monthly to provide a brand perspective. Together, the three of us will provide guidance, resources, and support to salons who want to shop for sustainable hair care. Each month will feature a different topic. We’ll offer tips to help you build a business that meets your financial goals & positively impacts the environment and community. We believe that by working together, we can make a difference in the beauty industry and create a better future for ourselves and future generations.


Shop Sustainable Hair Care

Plaine Products offers uniquely sustainable personal care products for retail and refill shops, salons, hospitality, vacation rental, and eco resort locations. Really any business that wants to offer customers plastic free hair and body care. Sustainable personal care comes in retail and bulk containers. Plaine Products takes back and reuses all of our containers to provide a waste-free solution.  With aloe as our main ingredient the products are tear-free, safe for kids, and customers with sensitive skin. The bottles and the products are manufactured in the US for Plaine Products. Our entire line is palm oil free and has organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients to naturally nourish hair and skin. The best part? They are salon-quality products with rave reviews.


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