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Recycling Mistakes You Might Be Making

How much of your household trash are you successfully recycling? Fifty percent? Seventy-five percent? What if I told you that the average household in this country recycles less than one-quarter — just 22% — of their household trash? And that we don’t recycle over 90% of all our plastic?

Those are astonishing statistics, of course, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. We’re not recycling enough, and oftentimes what we’re doing is wrong. Take glass, for example: It should never be thrown in the landfill because it doesn’t do anything there — it doesn’t decompose and sits, adding more and more to what are already overflowing piles of trash. And then there’s paper. How many pieces did you throw away this week, or this year? On average, that number would astonish you too — 13,000. So what can you do to do more and do better? This graphic helps explain it:


BuzzFeed also did a great overview on why you should stop recycling – or more importantly, focus more on reducing your consumption first:


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