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Rank & File Podcast: What Nonprofits & Business Can Learn from the Other

Plaine Products co-founder Lindsey McCoy was recently featured on the Rank & File podcast. With host Kari Enge, Lindsey discusses how her nonprofit background played into starting a business. Lindsey also shares her tips for a successful start-up. You can check out her article on the same topic in the Rank & File magazine. The quarterly Rank & File digital publication and weekly podcast feature authentic, vulnerable and practical advice from purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Rank & File is a place for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who believe people are worth serving and business can create change.

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Rank & File Podcast with Plaine Products: Listen here

The Rank & File Podcast is essential listening for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs with our Editor-in-Chief Kari Enge. Tune in each week as we dive deeper into Rank & File Magazine’s current themes to help you build a business that is socially impactful, financially sustainable and personally fulfilling. Expect behind-the-scenes interviews and conversations with fellow entrepreneurs on lessons learned from experience, practical business advice, and game-changing yet approachable strategies.

When you transition from a past career to the life of a social entrepreneur you bring a lot of baggage with you — some good and some bad.

You will have great working habits and mindsets that you want to carry with you into your new venture, and you will have really negative working habits and mindsets that you need to get rid of if you are going to be successful in the entrepreneur space.

After all, working in the corporate world or in the nonprofit sector where you are not the founder and CEO requires a totally different way of thinking than launching and running your own company.

Today, I am joined by Lindsey McCoy the co-founder of Plaine Products. She has a master’s degree in nonprofit management and spent 10 years working on environmental education in the Bahamas, before her and her sister co-founded a company, Plaine Products, that offers premium personal care products in aluminum bottles that can be returned, refilled and reused.

Lindsey and I are going to talk all about traditional nonprofit mindsets — both good and bad — and how those mindsets need to be applied to social enterprises in order to make us more effective (and which ones need to be ditched and done away with altogether).

This conversation is jam-packed with practical information about how to build a great product and loyal customer following using the customer relationship and is full of “aha” moments for anyone who has worked in the nonprofit sector and has transitioned to life as an entrepreneur.

But, it’s also really helpful for all of us, because it helps us to see the baggage that we might have taken from our past careers and the mindset shifts that we need to make.

natural shampooIn this Rank & File podcast episode, you’ll learn:

-The good nonprofit mindsets that all purpose-driven entrepreneurs should adopt to grow their business bottom-lines
-How to use the customer “donor” relationship to increase feedback, loyalty, and sales
-The most common negative mindsets that nonprofits have, which hold social entrepreneurs back from success.
-How to replace poor nonprofit mindsets with better mindsets and habits

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