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Products We Love: Marley’s Monsters

Plaine Products was so excited to discover Marley’s Monsters when we went looking for reusable cotton round recommendations to go with our new Face Toner and Beauty Oil.  We’ve been super impressed with the eco-friendly nature of Marley’s and they align perfectly with our dedication to eliminating single-use plastics. We asked them to share a little more about themselves so we could get to know them better. Based on what we’ve learned we think you’ll love them as much as we do.

Who They Are

Marley’s Monsters is a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly, reusable products based in Eugene, Oregon. They’ve been a leader in sustainable living since they launched their signature product, UNpaper® Towels. They have over 60 employees hand-making their line of reusable products.


A Little History

Sarah Dooley pulled her dusty sewing machine out of her closet in 2013 while she was on maternity leave from her career as an interior designer. She began teaching herself how to sew by creating stuffed monsters for her daughter, Marley, and she didn’t stop there. She continued sewing everything she needed for raising her daughter while keeping reusability in mind.

Through the baby years, Sarah tried product after product and learned what worked and what didn’t. She began designing her own version of those products and started building what is now Marley’s Monsters. Her husband Chad left his job in 2017 and helped expand their wood product line. Through raising two children in a world where disposables are the norm, Sarah saw the importance of reuse and reducing our waste and the impact it has on the environment.


Eco-Friendly Highlights

Marley’s Monsters aims to help people evaluate where they are creating waste in their daily routine and reducing it with reusable alternatives. They offer products for use in the kitchen like their UNpaper® Towels, Cloth Napkins, or Sandwich Wraps, all of which are machine washable, reusable, and handmade in Eugene Oregon. Their Wet Bags are another favorite for people making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle. After cleaning up a spill with an UNpaper® Towel or removing your makeup with a Facial Round, simply toss them in a Wet Bag until you are ready to clean them. Come laundry day, all you need to do is turn the Wet Bag inside out and add it in with the rest of your wash. It’s as easy as that!

They also offer alternatives to single-use items in your daily routine, with their Facial Rounds. A lot of cotton balls aren’t made with real cotton. They can be made with synthetic fibers or plastic. Their facial rounds are made of 100% cotton flannel and made to be reused over and over again, preventing plastic from making their way to the landfill. 


Marley’s Monsters also ships completely plastic-free. Everything used to ship each order is paper-based and recyclable, from the box to the label backing.


Why It Matters

The average American produces as much as 4.4 pounds of waste every day, a lot of which could be recycled. Marley’s Monsters’ sustainability mission is to build a community around reducing their environmental impact in a fun and creative way! They’ve built a line of products with reusability in mind, making the swap from single-use plastics and paper as easy as possible.

Marley’s Monsters believes that making a difference starts with lifestyle changes. Those lifestyle changes can be as simple as removing single-use paper from your kitchen and replacing it with an option that is both washable and reusable, like UNpaper Towels. They encourage their customers to use what they have available, such as repurposing an old t-shirt to create a reusable cloth, but if you don’t have anything on hand, their products make a great option.


We love supporting and promoting other eco-friendly companies that prioritize low environmental footprints and safe products. If you have some favorites let us know by getting in touch on your favorite social media channel. You can find Plaine Products on Twitter, FacebookInstagram & Pinterest.



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