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Plastic bottles have been eliminated from Landfills & Oceans


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Free shipping on orders over $100

Plastic bottles have been eliminated from Landfills & Oceans


16 oz

Plaine Products Shampoos will gently cleanse your hair with luxurious lather. Our vegan ingredients and aloe based shampoos will restore essential nutrients while adding hydration and enhancing hairs texture.

Our Shampoos are suitable for all hair types.
– For hydration, try the Citrus Lavender Shampoo.
– For clarifying and scalp balance, try the Rosemary Mint Vanilla Shampoo.
– For sensitive skin or those that prefer no fragrance, try the Unscented Shampoo.

Directions: Thoroughly wet hair. Start with a small amount of shampoo and add water to work into a rich lather. Gently massage shampoo into hair, focusing on scalp and roots. Rinse clean. Follow up with Plaine Products Conditioner.

~Tip: For deep cleaning, try leaving shampoo in your hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

Reusable & Refillable | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Non GMO | Biodegradable | Sulfate Free | Color Safe | Palm Oil Free | Silicone Free | Zero Waste

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(116 customer reviews)


Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Non-GMO | Biodegradable | Sulfate-Free | Color Safe | Palm Oil Free | Silicone Free

We are proud of our clean, plant-based shampoo ingredients: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Saponified Oils of Coconut and Safflower Seed, Guar Gum and Irish Moss (Red Algae Extract – Carrageen). Organic Camellia, Sunflower and Ricebran Oils. Extracts of Chamomile and Quillaja Saponaria. Papaya and Pineapple Pulp Extracts. Rosemary Oleoresin, Vitamin E Complex, Organic Green Tea, Geogard Ultra and Potassium Sorbate.

Scent: Rosemary Essential Oil, Mint Arvenis Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil OR Bergamot Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil OR no scent at all for the Unscented version

2.5 oz, 74 ML

116 reviews for Shampoo

  1. celeste.young

    Going plastic-free was what initially attracted us to Plaine, but the quality of the products keeps us coming back! The Rosemary Mint Vanilla smells amazing, and my husband and I both love it. My curly hair has been lighter and less greasy since switching over, and my skin is reacting well to the body wash, too. My husband struggles with dermatitis and has had zero issues since we switched to Plaine. That’s been absolutely life-changing! The subscription is so simple to set up and changing frequency is a breeze. Highly recommended.

  2. shimkiri

    Excellent products! The Rosemary Mint Vanilla smell is amazing. The shampoo and conditioner are very gentle yet thoroughly cleansing. I have wavy hair and used to use Devacurl, but the shampoo and conditioner work almost better for my hair! Now all I need is for Plaine Products to come up with a light styling gel and I will be set. 🙂

  3. lmgamboa225

    I love this stuff! It’s so hard to find natural shampoo that actually gets a good lather and leaves my hair feeling clean, without having to use like 8 pumps of it. The conditioner is great as well. My hair feels really healthy after about a month and a half of using it. I also use it on my kids because of the safe ingredients! And last but not least, the citrus lavender scent smells sooooooo good. Whenever I wash my hair I think of lavender lemonade. So good.

  4. babyshroomy3

    Love the new scent. Great shampoo, my hair looks and feels great. Glad to reduce my plastic use. I recommend this and the conditioner to all my friends. As this is my 2nd bottle I decided to get the subscription because I’m hooked.

  5. summerstarz033

    Love all three: shampoo, conditioner and body wash! Great scent, and my husband loved that they still made suds when sulfate free, great for my children too! I am sold on Plaine Products!

  6. meganallison1

    I started using these products 2 weeks ago, and I am in LOVE with them!! I love that these are all natural and the way my hair feels! All other shampoos were making my hair feel dirty and greasy all the time! I am so happy that I converted and am loving everything about this amazing product!!
    Also how little you actually have to use is the crazy part!! An added bonus is that the bottles are refillable, thus reducing plastic use!

  7. abrimares

    These products work great for long curly hair. My hair is soft and not dry. That is a plus on top of the eco friendly bottles! My boyfriend enjoys the shampoo and conditioner as well, the scents are fresh but not too girly. Love these!

  8. Fatima Pagtakhan

    I love it! My hair was so soft! I didn’t even need conditioner! Also love that I can refill it and reuse the container! Yayy for toxin free & zero waste!!

  9. mherring

    LOVE Plaine Products! My hair feels and smells amazing. Reusable bottles help keep more plastic out of the ocean and this is a great way to start helping. The customer service I’ve received from Plaine has been amazing as well.

  10. mrschris10

    LOVE THIS IDEA, and it wouldn’t work unless the shampoo was as good as the idea. It is; our whole family loves it (I bought one for my adult son). I’ve told everyone I know to get on board.

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