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Predictions for Sustainability in 2020

Welcome to 2020! Back in December, we asked our team, our Plaine Promoters, and our Facebook fans to share their predictions for sustainability in 2020. Anything from new products to problems solved, hot media topics to Greta trading her braids for a mohawk.  

Our biggest prediction for 2020? Following the growing concerns over single-use plastics in 2018 and 2019, concern over plastic waste will only continue to grow. Will 2020 be the year we break up with plastics for good? Not likely, but many more steps will be taken by individuals and corporations alike to reducing plastic waste.

Forbes has predicted that 2020 will be the year of the sustainable business. They even used shampoo as an example – hey, Forbes, we got you!

“In 2020 and in the years beyond, this shift to sustainable business will take shape in several major, transformational ways.”

We are thrilled by the prospect that more corporations will join us in the circular economy and packaging revolution.


We’ve got big plans and hopes for 2020 and we are so happy you are along with us on this journey. We have compiled all of our predictions and those you have shared with us so that we may refer back to them throughout the year and check back in on how we’re progressing.

Our predictions for the biggest trends in sustainability for 2020

From our team:

  • Cigarette butts might replace plastic straws as something that everyone needs to be aware of/stop littering. 

    How many in 2020??

  • We will start to see more plastic bag bans at the city level (and maybe even the state level?!). I am hopeful that the DIY/“buy less” movements will continue to grow.
  • My prediction for 2020 is that the focus is going to shift from everyone being anti-straws to everyone being anti-styrofoam. There will also (hopefully) be a bigger push for minimalism/less consumerism, as we’re seeing more with millennials and Gen Z, and a bigger push for people to share and give experiences over things.
  • A lot of 2020 is going to be influenced by politics/campaigning for November. It’s going to be a hot mess with people making a lot of big promises they may or may not be able to keep.
  • We will more than double the number of plastic bottles we divert from landfills!

 From our Plaine Promoters:

  • Nicki: Single-use plastic bottles ban to come alongside the plastic market bags!
  • Stephanie: I want to start a new #challenge, I want to challenge my city to cut their waste by 20% in 2020 (all the citizens, not just the municipality) and put plans in place to cut it in half in 2021. I think it is totally possible with things like personal trash audits, a local compost facility, bringing back our second farmers market, better recycling, more access to bulk foods and cleaners/personal care products and regulations on stores and restaurants. I’m putting together a presentation for our first city council meeting of the new year. If it goes well, I want to share it with others that want to challenge their city or for cities to challenge one another.
  • Tatyana: I believe more science-based companies will enter into the sustainable market. From skin and body care to fashion and home products, creating more efficient and less wasteful products. Millennials are a large market, and we’re becoming more conscious of where we vote with our dollar. I also believe more of our younger generations will join the movement of shopping sustainable. HOWEVER, I believe we will end up consuming MORE during that time as people transition, a lot of people (myself included) get caught up in the “sustainable” name we forget the fact that less consumption is what will also help the planet. Buying what we need, buying what’s effective, and reusing as much as possible.

From our Facebook Fans:

  • Allison: I think less packaging. More growth in the sustainable fashion market. More people growing their own food at home, community gardens, and just overall more 
  • Raluca: I really wish they make sustainable packages for almost everything! If not, at least refillable options! 
  • Ashley: My prediction is I feel like more products are going to be packaged in paper to make consumers believe it is more sustainable because it’s not wrapped in plastic. When really the paper probably won’t be from sustainably managed forests. I hope more places in the Midwest begin to compost though!
  • Shaylene: Refillable options!!!! Less excessive packaging on produce
  • Kaycee:  Affordable makeup that’s refillable/ less waste.
  • Liz:  Commercial composting offered through more municipalities. There is no reason a city like NYC, where trash is picked up multiple times per week, can’t figure out how to also offer composting services.
  • Melissa: I would like to see less items wrapped in plastic that come from the store. Even when I purchase glass or paper or cardboard they often still have some form of plastic on or in them!
  • Eternity: Big corporations will continue to make individuals are the reason for huge eco problems when the biggest source comes from them. Asia will still be a big player in the majority of pollution with no stopping them.
  • Mallori: No more cucumber condoms! 🙅‍♀️

While it might not be possible in just 12 months for the entire world to turn sustainable, we believe that many individuals and companies can make long-lasting and significant changes to help make their business and products more sustainable. Here’s to 2020 and our positive predictions for sustainability in 2020 coming true!



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