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Plastic Free July Traveling Out and About

Imagine a world without plastic waste. That’s the mission for Plastic-Free July – to build a global movement that dramatically reduces plastic use and improves recycling, worldwide. We’ll be posting PFJ tips and blog posts with ideas all month! When you’re traveling, you can still avoid using plastic! Consider taking reusable straws with you and help stop the spread of plastic straws. We’re firm believers in minimizing straws – check out one of our partners, Straw Free Cincy! Make sure when you’re out and about that you refill your water bottle at a water fountain instead of buying a plastic bottle. Bottled water is taking over our planet. We can help you travel sustainably for Plastic-Free July along with the rest of the year with our travel size products! Our shampoo, conditioner and body wash are all TSA compliant and in aluminum travel bottles. Right now the world is using 500,000,000 water bottles a year and the number is only expected to grow – help lower that number by drinking out of reusable water bottles and mugs. One really simple way to minimize single use plastics when you’re traveling by plane: ask for the can instead of having them pour your drink into a plastic cup! Everyone in the family can join in for Plastic-Free July. Reusable snack bags are a great way to improve lunch and reduce reliance on plastic at the same time. We’re proud to offer our Plaine Products as one way to help reduce single-use plastics. Let us know what other refillable products you use on a regular basis!


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