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Plaine Products New Refer A Friend Program 

When you fall in love with a product or brand it is easy to spread the word and share with your friends and family. You love it, so naturally, you want others to love it too! We’ve created our Refer A Friend program to help sweeten the deal — both for your friends/family and for you. Share the Plaine Products zero waste love with your friends and loved ones! ❣️


How It Works

When you place an order from Plaine Products you will now notice at the top of your order confirmation there is a banner that allows you to easily share about Plaine Products via Email, Facebook, or Twitter. 




You can also access the sharing options via your account page under the newly added “ Referrals” tab. When you share, you’ll get a special coupon code that is specific to your account. You can edit the message if you’d like but your code cannot be changed. When someone places their first order using your coupon code they will receive $15 off their order, no minimum spending required. As a thank you, you will receive a $15 credit into your account. Sounds pretty simple right?! 


Refer A Friend vs. Plaine Promoters

You may be familiar with our Plaine Promoters affiliate program, which isn’t going anywhere. Our Plaine Promoters program is designed for bloggers/influencers/non-profits that are planning on working with numerous brands and would prefer to receive a commission off of sales generated from their links rather than credit to use towards Plaine Products. Additionally, our Plaine Promoters are asked to try and achieve certain goals every 6 months in order to stay active in the program. There are no such expectations with our Refer A Friend program. You can share as much, or as little, as you’d like — it is totally up to you! If you are currently in the Plaine Promoters program but feel that the Refer A Friend program would suit you better, please contact Jenna and let her know you’d like to switch over. 


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