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Partner Highlight: Tatyana Sapp

Plaine Promoters are individuals who use Plaine Products, love them and want to get others to join in eliminating single-use plastics while enjoying outstanding products. Plaine Promoters spread the word about our products and get 10% from every sale they generate.

Our latest Plaine Promoter highlight is Tatyana Sapp of Sundaie Living. Tatyana is a Content Creator, Curator, and Mortgage Loan Assistant who is all about self-care and sustainability.

Tell us about yourself and your message. Why is it so important to you to share that message with others?

I work full time in mortgage finance in Southern California, but I’ve always had a love for YouTube and it’s power to connect and educate people. I actually became aware of zero/low waste living and the effects our plastic use was having on our environment through YouTube a few years ago. When I did, I create a motto for myself “help the earth, help the people around you, help yourself” and I work to follow that motto through my work, and by making changes in my lifestyle/shopping habits that are sustainable and ethically made. When I noticed there weren’t very many POC on YouTube talking about sustainable living I found it the perfect excuse for me to stop procrastinating and start creating content for my channel to share my lifestyle changes and alternative product recommendations. I wholeheartedly believe the quote “we don’t need one person practicing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people practicing zero waste imperfectly” – this makes me feel even the small changes I’ve made so far are worth it because they’re a change in the right direction.

I also come from a family history of mental illness, along with being diagnosed with anxiety and depression myself, so I speak very openly on mental health and bring awareness on social media so people don’t feel as much of the pressure to always be “perfect” on the internet.

What’s your one best, easiest tip for minimizing single-use plastics?

Project Pan everything in your household – use what you have until it’s gone, and allow yourself to go a few weeks without it. This truly gave me the perspective of what I actually needed and what I could live without (also saved me some money, lol). Almost everything has a reusable or sustainable alternative, if you can buy reusable it will only be a one-time investment – Don’t be scared, MAKE THE INVESTMENT.

What do you think is usually the biggest blocker for people in regards to living a more sustainable lifestyle?

FOMO. Most people feel they have to do without if they start living more sustainable – no longer getting the newest phone or tech when it comes out, no more fast fashion, etc. Many see sustainable living as expensive, when really if you buy a portion of your items secondhand you can have great quality, newer items for half the cost!

Do you have a favorite Plaine Product and if so, what is it?

Favorite Plaine product would have to be the face wash, I have to use prescription topical products for my acne which dries out my skin, the face wash being aloe vera based makes my skin feel hydrated and soft.

eco face products

Any fun projects you’ve been working on during COVID or some sneak peek information on any upcoming projects?

Tatyana Sapp My crochet business –! This business started purely as a hobby, and a second source of income for me to use to buy zero waste products to review on YouTube. Over the past year, it’s turned into a space where women feel beautiful and seen, where they feel their bodies have something created just for them. I love how many women breathe confidence when they wear a top or skirt/shorts I made them and to know I played a part in that feeling. I use paper packaging envelopes and vegan yarn, but I’m working to find a more sustainable yarn fabric and source to purchase from (if anyone who comes across this knows of any recommendations please let me know!)



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