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Plaine Promoter Highlight: Beyond Plastics

A Plaine Promoter is an individual or nonprofit who uses Plaine Products, loves them and wants to get others to join in eliminating single-use plastics while enjoying outstanding products. Plaine Promoters spread the word about our products and get 10% from every sale they generate.


Our latest Plaine Promoter highlight is Beyond Plastics, a nationwide project based at Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont, that pairs the wisdom and experience of environmental policy experts with the energy and creativity of college students to build a vibrant and effective anti-plastics movement.

Their mission is to end plastic pollution by being a catalyst for change at every level of our society.  Beyond Plastics is building a nation-wide grassroots movement of students and community members to end single-use plastics.


Tell us about Beyond Plastics and your message. Why is it so important to you to share that message with others?

Beyond Plastics launched in early 2019 to address the world’s growing plastic pollution crisis. Founded and led by Judith Enck, former EPA regional administrator under President Obama, Beyond Plastics seeks to end plastic pollution everywhere by educating the public, policymakers and the media about the plastic pollution crisis and engaging grassroots activists in pushing corporations and local, state and federal governments for much-needed changes. We are based at the Center for the Advancement of Public Action (CAPA) at Bennington College in Vermont, which enables us to harness the energy and creativity of college students to help build a vibrant and effective anti-plastics movement. We know it will take changes at every level of our economy and society to stem the tide of plastic pollution, and we aim to provide the tools to help every individual to participate in creating a plastic-free future.


What’s something that you’re currently working on to make change in the world, and how can readers support this work?


We are truly thrilled that an excellent, new federal bill was recently introduced in Congress to truly address our rapidly growing plastic pollution crisis. Unlike previous halfhearted bills that would have been ineffective, the new Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act would address the root causes of plastic pollution by holding producers responsible and reducing the amount of plastic we make, use once, and throw away. Introduced by Senator Tom Udall and Representative Alan Lowenthal, this bill is a groundbreaking step toward reducing the damaging effects of single-use plastic on our environment and on ourselves. Not surprisingly, it is extremely unpopular with the plastics/chemicals/oil industry (they’re all connected) and it will not pass without tremendous grassroots support from people all across the country. That’s why we have created an easy way for people to contact their senators and representatives and urge them to support this bill via our web site. We hope everyone will join us in taking this simple action to help the bill gain traction!


What other initiatives are in the works for Beyond Plastics right now?

On June 25, we’re hosting a Kids Virtual Act-Athon to give kids ages 7-13 an opportunity to use their skills and their passion creatively to help fight plastic pollution in a mentor-led virtual workshop. Participants will break into small groups led by experienced youth mentors to create a mini-campaign targeting some of the major corporations contributing to our plastic pollution crisis. Our mentors are passionate young adults with a variety of experiences in environmental work, from working as a youth advisory council member for the Climate Museum to winning a $50,000 prize in the 2019 Google Science Fair for inventing a new method of removing microplastics from water. Registration is still open for this exciting event!


What are some ways that readers can support your work?

We have lots of resources and news articles on the Beyond Plastics website, and encourage readers to sign up for our email list for the latest efforts and initiatives on ending plastic pollution. We also suggest following Beyond Plastics on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) for the most up to the minute news and information – and conversations, too.


What’s your one best, easiest tip for minimizing single-use plastics? 

Buy in bulk and bring your own reusable containers and bags to refill!


Do you have a favorite Plaine Product and, if so, what is it?

That’s a tough question because we love the entire line. Not only is everything we’ve tried really excellent, the fact that it is refillable and not packaged in plastic can’t be beat. We hope you all will continue to expand your offerings 🙂



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