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The Packaging Revolution Starts in the Shower

I had a great time talking about Plaine Products and our packaging revolution with Meghann on her Kiss that World podcast, a show for every day environmentalists. Her interviews are full of actionable tips from environmental leaders and changemakers who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. You can check out my interview below, and there are lots of other great episodes on her show, including a recent one on traveling with less waste (website no longer maintained) from our buddy Celia at 

KTW 09| The Packaging Revolution Starts in the Shower with Lindsey McCoy co-Founder Plaine Products

Plaine Products is gaining a lot of respect and excitement in the eco-blogging world through word of mouth referrals and rave reviews. I had seen 5-6 reviews come out in the last few months from other sustainable bloggers including Kathryn Kellogg (website no longer maintained), and I knew I had to try it for myself. They came shortly after ordering and I love the shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels clean and light and I am using surprisingly less product because of the pumps purposefully small output. It had not occurred to me that companies might be designing their bottles to squirt out excessive amounts of product so that you use more, faster. (Grr) Lindsey and I talked about her time living in the Bahamas, what it’s like to work with family, how to start a revolutionary company and why collaboration is better for businesses than competition. And it’s working. In 2017 they saved 10,000 plastic single-use bottles from landfills and plan on doubling that number next year.



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