Refill, Reuse, Rejoice
Bottles saved from Landfill
Plastic bottles have been eliminated from Landfills & Oceans


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Sending out our first Refilled, Reused Bottles!

Plaine Products is the only company we know that pays to have our packaging come back so we can reuse it. I’m excited to announce that our first set of bottles have been returned, sterilized and refilled are about to make their way out into the world. It’s happening people!

Why Reuse Bottles?

So many of the products we purchase are single use, which mens we use them once and then throw them “away.” For all of those items that are plastic that means they will sit in landfills, or our oceans, for

hundreds of years as they break down into smaller pieces and contaminate the water or dirt around them. Plastic is an amazing material. It’s cheap, made from an oil by-product, and is light and highly versatile, which makes it great for packaging. But we have over-used it and turned it from a solution into a problem.

If you are recycling plastic that definitely helps, but it is only delaying the inevitable. Plastic is downgraded when it is recycled, so it has a limited life span. Other materials, like steel, aluminum and glass, can be recycled infinitely and never up in a landfill.

Why is Plastic a Problem?

New studies are showing that plastic is everywhere, is in our oceans, our drinking water and we’re just starting to understand what that means for our health and the future of our planet. Spoiler alert: it’s not good. We may soon have more plastic than fish in our oceans.

But the good news is, unlike many of the problems we are facing this one is within our control. We can make a change. We can choose to buy things that aren’t single use. Pick up a water bottle that can be reused instead of a single use plastic one. We can purchase items in steel, aluminum, glass or cardboard instead of plastic – like Plaine Product’s shampoo bottles. We can start to demand that companies take responsibility for their packaging instead of reaping the benefits of cheap plastic while our environment pays the cost.

Plaine Products hopes that more companies follow our lead in designing their packaging to be reused and lower their environmental foot print. This planet is the only one we have. We all need to do our part to take care of it so it can take care of us. Thank you for your support of the packaging revolution!


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