Return Bottles in the U.S.

Request a PrePaid Postage Label, Valid for 24 hours

If you purchased Plaine Products through another site please fill out the form below so we can email you a link for a return label. You’ll print the label and place it on the outside of the box to send your bottles back to be sterilized, refilled and reused. Please use a small box to ensure the weight is under one pound. We cover the shipping costs!

Once you receive the link for your label you have 24 hours to print it before the link becomes invalid, so don’t fill out the form until you are ready to ship!

If you purchased your items from the Plaine Products’ website a return label was enclosed with your refill box for your convenience. If you lost the label you can contact us to send you another or you can fill out the form below and we will email you a label to print.

Return Bottles in Canada

We currently don’t have a method for sending individual customer’s bottles back to Plaine Products from Canada.

Canadian customers have three options:

1 – You can pay to send your empty bottles back to Plaine Products in the U.S. to be sterilized, refilled and reused:

Plaine Products
803 Floral Ave
Terrace Park, OH 45174 USA

2 – You can pay to send your empty bottles back to either of our Canadian partners. They will hold on to the bottles and Plaine Products will pay to have them brought back to the US to be cleaned, refilled and reused once there are enough bottles.

Plaine Products

Fullerton’s Plain Goods 
1-506 Furby St. 
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2V8 
Plaine Products
c/o Christine Pimiskern
3837 Point McKay Road NW
Calgary, AB, T3B 4V7     

3 – Customers can recycle the aluminum bottles. Aluminum can be recycled with no loss in quality and can be recycled indefinitely. When plastic is recycled it is down-cycled into a lower form until it becomes unusable and is sent to a landfill.