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Kickstarter Campaign: Face Wash & Face Moisturizer

Another first for Plaine Products, March 6th we are launching a Kickstarter Campaign! Remember last November when we asked for help on what products we should add next? Well, we heard an amazing amount of feedback from all of you on Facebook, Instagram and offline too. Thanks to you and your thoughts, we’re super excited to announce that we are now expanding into the world of facial products!

Thanks to your support we’re already making headway in reducing the amount of single use plastic in the world by offering shampoo, conditioner, kickstarterbody wash, hand wash and body lotion. Can you believe we saved more than 10,000 bottles from going into landfills in 2017? But we want to do more. We’re on a mission to get every plastic bottle out of our bathrooms and yours!

To make that possible we want to add more products to our line, but adding quality vegan products takes time, money and thorough research. It’s an investment, but it’s an investment we are willing to make if we know there are people out there who are willing to support us.

So, with your help, we will be releasing two new products: face wash and face moisturizer. If you’re interested in the new products, you can get them first through the Kickstarter! We’re also offering a limited number of Kickstarter specials with our existing products.

Our plan is to add the face wash and face moisturizer to our site for sale this summer. The new products will be vegan and non-toxic in returnable, refillable aluminum bottles. They’ll have a vitamin C base, with a light citrus scent. Both products are specifically formulated for the face. The face wash’s ingredients will help refine the skin’s tone and texture. It will also provide free radical protection to fight against the signs of aging. Our moisturizer softens skin, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, refines texture and never clogs pores. It is blended with potent antioxidants and renewing nutrients. The ingredients for both are listed here with the ones for our other products. 

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