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ideas from Plastic-Free July

15 Ideas from Plastic Free July to Keep you Going

I hope everyone got to refuse single use plastic at least once in July. Remember the goal is progress, not perfection! We got lots of inspiration from posts throughout the month. We’re excited to share some of the photos we were tagged in to give you some ideas from Plastic-Free July to keep you going into August and beyond!

Ideas from Plastic-Free July

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  1. Getting things to make things. Dates in my own tared jar. Quinoa (not couscous) in my own cloth bag. –thedosomethingprjct
  2. I’m obsessed with homemade popcorn ? Plastic-free, organic, & aesthetically pleasing. Thanks @sprouts for your bulk products? – scrubekah
  3. Bring your own cup to Starbucks for a venti coldbrew. – pullavasa
  4. ??Got my first set of stainless straws!  Thanks for the motivation ladies!! Xoxo!” – @gcroem
  5. In honor of #plasticfreejuly I am sharing my favorite way to avoid plastic. This little cutlery roll lives in my purse and come in handy when dining out! – beccaruth76
  6. I finally got the wool dryer balls and natural soap berries I’ve thought about getting for awhile! Another way to use less plastic is to purchase more bar soap instead of liquid soap! – nmurphey27
  7. We’ve been using #brushwithbamboo for the past year now and we love them! They are sustainably made and almost ? compostable. I keep the handles for garden labels, compost the packaging and add the nylon bristles to our trash jar. Just replaced our old ones once the bristles started falling out (after 6 months of good use). Such an easy and wonderful zero waste switch ✨? –
  8. Trying to be Plastic-Free can be a challenge. It seems like everything comes in plastic these days! Having my own towel, silverware, & cup are an easy change to eliminate some single use plastics. I take these with me everyday. – reducedrubbish
  9. I love these reusable cloth bags for bulk foods and pastries. They work especially well for homemade vegan chocolate croissants! ?- bring.your.own
  10. Picked up paper cutlery to pack in lunches. Best part: I washed and reused. – Megan via FB
  11. I have short hair, I try to keep it pretty low maintenance. – I use Dry Shampoo (aka Cornstarch) most days. – When I wash it I use a Shampoo Bar. – I condition with Plaine Product’s conditioner and I add a little bit of my hair dye to keep my color vibrant. – Sometimes I redyed it, when I do I use reusable rubber dish gloves (: – I comb thru it in the morning. – I blow dry my hair to give it body. – I cut and shave my own hair, which saves me tons of $ moola $ – zerowastevegetarian
  12. My favorite cup-has reduced the amount of plastic water bottles I purchase by a ridiculous amount-probably at least 98%. And I drink a lot of water. – Tracy via FB
  13. Infusing more lemon vinegar for cleaning! ?✨ – zerowastealaska
  14. Reducing plastic in the bathroom: use refillable, sustainable options. Pictured is handmade bar soap, a stainless steel double edged razor, special body wash that I return a container to refill, and refillable shampoo from @plaineproducts. ??? –  stephanie.h.burns
  15. Love my Vietnamese coffee filter. Everybody wasting on those ridiculous kcups & this tastes bomb??? – pullavasa


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