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Home Hair Care Tips during Social Distancing

With most of us stuck at home for the foreseeable future, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your hair maintained and healthy without professional care. We turned to our resident hairstylist and Plaine Products Salon Sales lead, Krysia, for her tips and professional recommendations:
It would be nice if we could pop in to see our favorite hairstylist and relax at the salon for a bit, but with many salons temporarily closing across the country, this is not an option! We need to literally take matters into our own hands for the time being.
That being said, as a hairstylist, I cannot bring myself to condone cutting, perming or chemically straightening one’s own hair, it’s just too risky! I do have some home hair care tips that will help keep hair healthy and looking good until you can get in to see your stylist again. Let’s put a positive spin on creating an at-home hair routine for healthier hair!

Krysia’s Home Hair Care Tips

  • First off, make sure you’re practicing self-care with a healthy diet. This benefits our bodies in so many ways, but hair and skin really do need to be nourished from the inside out. Protein, iron, Omegas and plenty of water are all important to help balance hair, skin, and scalp.
  • Choose natural shampoos and conditioners. Use products that are free of harmful sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and that are vegan and GMO-free, such as Plaine Products. If you are using other products make sure they aren’t full of chemicals that could be harmful to your health. Check out our list of 5 ingredients you don’t want in your shampoo.
  • Deep condition once a week for added moisture. We have a recipe for a DYI deep conditioner treatment if you want to give it a try!
  • Switch to a cooler or lukewarm shower. Hot water dries out the scalp and skin, dehydrates hair, and can also make color fade faster.  To detangle wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush which can cause breakage.
  • Give the hot tools a break and let hair air-dry to trap in moisture. Leave hair down and natural-skip the elastic hair bands and headbands to avoid pulling on the hair shaft.
  • Wear a hat while out in the sun to keep your scalp from burning and to keep color from fading.
  • For men and women who wear their hair short, this time without salon visits may be a bit more challenging, as short haircuts require maintenance more often. I would suggest carefully cleaning up the hair on the back of the neck with a small neck-trimmer to keep the haircut looking fresh until you can get in to see your stylist again.

Recommendation for Coloring Hair at Home (plus a coupon!)

For those with experience coloring their hair from home, I suggest EcoColors at-home color kits. These products were created by a hairstylist and are gluten-free, PPD free, Sulfite-free, SLS-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and do not contain propylene glycol, ethanolamine, formaldehyde or heavy metals. The website has a color comparison chart if you’re looking to switch your old color to a healthier option. If you contact EcoColors they have a licensed stylist who can assist you with a personalized formula and help to find the right color for you. They’ve even offered a 20% off coupon to Plaine Products blog readers for first-time customers who order home color kits with the promo code plaine.

Plaine Products Update

We are still shipping and are currently fully-stocked on all of our products! So, if you are running low on anything, be sure to refill your order soon. As with many businesses we have instituted some changes during this pandemic. But given the nature of e-commerce, we haven’t had to shut down. We are limiting our warehouse staff (and paying the rest of the team to stay home) to decrease any potential spread amongst our employees and exercising care when packing and reusing boxes. Not to mention constant hand washing and sanitizing surfaces. Additionally, we’re happy to say that our bottle sanitizing procedures are designed to kill any germs and bacteria, from colds to the flu, to the coronavirus.

How to Make Your Plaine Products Last Longer

That being said, you may be looking to make your current supplies last as long as possible. One of the many good things about Plaine Products is that you don’t need as much as other products. While most shampoos have water as their first, and main ingredient, our products are aloe-based and not water-based. This means they are more concentrated and a little goes a long way.
To help make sure you don’t get more than you need, we put a smaller pump on the bottles. Experiment with how many pumps you actually need to fully coat your hair. It might not be as many as you think. Our pumps are rated for 2cc a pump. There are approximately 29.5 of those in an oz and our bottles are 16 oz so….472 pumps per bottle! Many customers have found that their bottles last them anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to even 9 months.
For our products to work best, leave them in your hair for a while to maximize effects. Apply the product by starting at the roots and scalp and work your way out.  Leaving the shampoo in for longer will help oily hair feel cleaner. That means you won’t need to shower as often! Leaving in conditioner longer will help to soften your hair, which can also reduce the need for showers. Some are using the conditioner as a leave-in product. Others are applying it to dry hair to tame flyaways in between showers.  Bonus on social distancing; since we’re not leaving the house as much, we don’t necessarily need to wash our hair as often!
With these home hair care tips and tips on making your Plaine Products last, we’re here to help get through these tough times together. It’s our goal to have your hair still healthy and clean when we can all finally sit back down in the salon chair.


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